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Scruff Review

Scruff Review
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 15 000 000
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Scruff offers free download and installation of the mobile app, free registration, and also free account creation.
  • The site has active profiles, making it easier to match and get a partner.
  • Most of the site profiles are verified, making it challenging to get scam or fake accounts.
  • The profiles are detailed, making it easier to know someone by visiting their profiles.
  • Availability of mobile apps makes this site to be used anywhere and at any time.
  • Most basic features like the search options and the messaging are free of charge to all users.
  • Most basic features like the search options and the messaging are free of charge to all users.
  • The apps are not yet stable. Most user reviews claim these apps keep on crashing.
  • Few accounts. The site has only 15million registered accounts. These are fewer as compared to other gays sites like GaysGoDating.
  • Premium rates are much more expensive compared to other sites.

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Scruff is an online dating platform for gays, bisexuals, and also the transgender men who are looking for their like-minded partners for either casual relationships, short term dates or long term relationships. This dating platform connects its individuals who are within their neighborhood or far away in other regions. It has over 15million members, who have joined to find their potential male relationship partners.

The website allows its new users to register and create accounts, browse their potential partners using the detailed Scruff search options, match and chat with guys either within the neighborhood or far away using the location feature.

Scruff is one of the top-rated gay dating platforms for dating, travel, and social networking. It uses the swiping feature to connect and match its members. It also acts as the global travel companion for gays, whereby it lets guys know when you are visiting a particular area. It enables members to publish their traveling agendas on their profiles, allows users to chat with others on their destination before arrival. It also encourages its members to host other visiting individuals to their neighborhoods.

This dating platform is not functional on the website. It can only be used on mobile apps, downloadable for free either on android or on the IOS platform for android and iPhone users, respectively. Most of its features are free. However, to access the most advanced ones, members are required to upgrade their accounts to premium. Let’s see its pros, cons, usage, and other relevant information. Follow this review to the end.

Scruff Review 2020: Is This A Good Dating Platform Or Not?

How Does Scruff Really Work?

Scruff works by connecting gay members to other like-minded individuals through its platform.

The application enables its members to have different kinds of ways of connecting. Once you have registered the account, you can use its search filters to find potential matches according to your likes and preferences. It enables its members to match with each other using the swipe feature, whereby you swipe right if interested and left to reject a match.

Scruff also allows its members to express themselves by sharing multiple profile pictures, having detailed profiles, and much more. It also enables its users to connect through their recent travel activities.

Scruff hosts the world’s first live queer show, where members are given ten questions over three rounds. Getting them all wins a member $500. It also offers Scruff events, whereby guys can see the latest LGBTQ events and the members attending. The app also acts as a global gay travel companion, whereby users can announce the place they are visiting, chat with the local guys, and decide if they can hook up on arrival.

Scruff Sign-Up & Login Process

To have an account at Scruff, you need to register and create one.

Registration is always done via the mobile app, which new users are required to download first, either from the Google Platform of on the iOS platform for android and iPhone users, respectively.

Before registration, the website requires its members to allow the app to access their current location. During registration, the information mentioned below is required:

  • Name and Photo: users are required to provide their names and profile pictures in this section. The Photo must be defined. The site allows the user to state whether the face is visible; only the body is visible or if they are present in the Photo.
  • Email Address: you need to provide a legit email address on this section.
  • Password: a secure and reliable password is required to lock an account.
  • Birthdate: you are required to provide your date of birth in this section.

Adding a photo and other information is optional. The website only considers profiles with visible face photos in its match line-up.

Scruff Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface Explained

Profiles are much detailed, and most of the information is captured during registration. Information required to update profiles include the below:

  • Photos: users are required to upload pictures to their profiles. Naked photos are only allowed on private albums.
  • Open to: users need to state the kind of relationship they are looking forward to. These include friendships, relationships, random play, among others.
  • My sex preferences and safety practices: options include: Fetish, top, oral, among other choices.
  • RSVP: includes the total number of functions a member has reserved to attend.
  • Ambassador for: this includes the member’s current location.
  • Notes: members can add a few notes about themselves and anything they would want to put across.
  • Are you interested in Meeting? Users are required to choose whether they are interested in meeting with other matches or not.

Verification is only done via the email address provided during registration. You need to click on the received link to verify your account.

What About Matches and Communication?

After having an account, the next step is to search for your preferred matches, match, and then start communication. Scruff has a good search engine that uses different kinds of filters to enable users to choose their potential partners.

Someone will know you visited their profile if you click on the lock icon available on their profile. This click also opens their private albums, where you can view their private pictures, and in turn, they also see yours.

Members can send unlimited ‘Woofs’ as an icebreaker, to create an interest in a potential match. The messaging feature is also available for anyone, and it’s the main conversation feature available on this website.

Other forms of communication in Scruff include; sending a text message, Photo, GIF, or a screenshot of the user’s location. It also allows members to tick on the checkbox if they would want to meet the other user. Matching and sending of messages are free of charge. Users can send as many messages as they want to their potential matches free of charge.

What About Matches and Communication?

Members Structure and Activities

Members of this dating platform come from different regions in the world and different ethnicities. Currently, the platform has over 15million registered accounts, which are classified into the below categories:

  • Age
  • Sexual Preferences
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Religion.

Users Age

Being an adult dating website, Scruff members are individuals who are over 18 years of age. The majority of users on this platform are young adults, aged between 20 to 35 years of age. You can also find users as young as 18 years and even older as 60 years of age.

Sexual Preferences

Scruff is an LGBTQ affiliated dating site. The majority of members available on this platform are gays, bisexual, transsexual, and other queer types of sexual preferences.

It is a dating site for men who are interested in other men either for casual sex, short term dates, or long term relationships.

Race and Ethnicity Info

There is no specified race allocated to use this dating platform. Members available come from a different region, with different ethnicities. Scruff contains black Americans, Indians, Asians, Chinese, and all other races in the world. The majority of the members are black Americans.

Religious Views

Scruff contains members from all types of religious denominations in the world. On this website, you can find Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Pagans, and other religions. You can also search for your preferred partner according to their type of religion using the search filters.

Religious Views

Scruff Dating Website Features

Being a dating site, Scruff has features that make it function well and ease, as a dating platform. These features are few since it can only be used through mobile apps.

Some of the essential features available on this platform include the below:

  • Search Option: This feature enables users to search for their potential matches using several filters available on this feature. There are also advanced search filters available for users on premium accounts.
  • Match: the platform uses the swiping feature to match its members. The website provides different kinds of members every day, where users can swipe right to match or swipe left to reject the profiles. Mutual likes to create a match.
  • Venture: this acts as a global travel companion. It lets guys know you are visiting their area and that they should offer tips. It enables members to publish their traveling agenda and allows them to chat with members available on their destinations. It also allows members to be volunteers for guys visiting their home areas.
  • Events: This is a social guide to LGBTQ events, updated daily by the website admins. It gives details on top parties to come, festivals and events. Members on Scruff Pro are also privileged to unlock exclusive features when they attend events recommended by the platform.

Scruff Safety & Security

Scruff has put several measures to ensure the platform remains safe and secure to its members. Accounts are always verified through the email address before users are allowed to match on with other members, and also, there are block and report features which users can make use, to report suspicious and fake accounts.

Scruff dating app has also put a privacy policy into place, which is detailed to give the below information:

  • Information the website collects.
  • How it uses this information
  • How this information is stored
  • Who does the data get disclosed to
  • How it does not track cookies and other technologies.
  • The overall security of the application.

Users are required to go through this policy to understand it better.

Is Scruff a Legit or Scam Service?

With its registration process, verified profiles, and the available customer support system, Scruff is a legit dating website. It has all the features and operations of a legit dating website, including registration, search, match, and communication processes.

The website has a detailed privacy policy to secure its members from outside attacks and other threats by ensuring their accounts are safe and secure. However, being an online platform, users are requested to beware of whom they interact with and how they share their vital information.

Is Scrufa Legit or Scam Service?

Scruff Subscription Types and Price

Scruff offers two types of accounts to its members:

  • The Free membership
  • The Paid Membership.


Free membership accounts are the primary accounts offered by the platform immediately after registration. They provide free services and mostly contain unlimited features to its members. These basic accounts offer the benefits below:

  • Account registration and also creating the profile.
  • Users on free accounts can browse and view other profiles free of charge.
  • Free account users can view how often other members reply to messages.
  • Primary account holders can send and receive messages with other users within the website.
  • They can use the Scruff platform without an account. This means they can browse and view other members’ profiles without even having an account on this platform.
  • Free membership users can use the search filters to search for potential matches on this platform.

However, despite being free, these accounts have disadvantages. They always have pop-up ads, which make navigation to this platform a bit difficult.

Other advanced features require users to upgrade their free membership to the paid membership.

These are the paid accounts, also known as premium accounts. Paid membership accounts offer all the features of this website, including the excellent benefits. Apart from the benefits available on the free membership, these premium accounts enjoy the below benefits:

  • Unlimited chats: they can search with any user of this platform even without matching.
  • Unlimited sharing of the private album to other users.
  • More matches. Their profiles always get seen ten more times compared to free accounts.
  • They can send and receive videos from other users on this platform.
  • They can put their accounts into incognito and browse the website anonymously.
  • Paid membership members enjoy advanced search filters. They can browse members according to their body features and social habits.
  • Ad-free browsing. They do not encounter advertisements on their profiles, making the browsing experience easy and enjoyable.
  • Advanced grid sorting: They can sort other profiles by the date they joined, whether online or by distance.

Payments to these accounts are made through apps depending on their mode of download. iPhone users can subscribe to the apple subscription while android users can do the subscription on Google play store.

These subscriptions come on packages in which users can choose the most affordable ones, according to their needs. The subscriptions come with the below packages:

  • One-month subscription package at $14.99, paid monthly.
  • Three-month subscription package at $39.99, paid quarterly.
  • One-year subscription package at $119.99, paid yearly.

These subscriptions can be paid using credit cards or via phone for iPhone and Android users, respectively. Cancellations to this can also be made by turning off the auto-renewal feature on any of the platforms. The platform does not make refunds on submitted payments.


Scruff Website Design and Usability

Scruff functions are only available via mobile applications. The website contains the usage details and all other relevant information, including the privacy policy. Users are required to use mobile apps to register, match, and communicate.

Mobile Application

All functions of this platform are done through mobile apps. These mobile applications can be downloaded and be installed for free on iOS and Google platforms for iPhone and Android users, respectively.

The mobile app is free to use, with a comfortable, modern design and interface that contain all the features of this website. Some of the essential features found are the location and messaging, which enables users to chat and be online anywhere and at any time of the day using their smartphones or tablets. Members can also upgrade and make payments to their accounts through the mobile app.

Contact Information

Company: Perry Street Software, Inc.

Address: Bryant Park, Manhattan, New York

Phone: N/A

Email: support@Scruff.com

Contact Information

Scruff Review Conclusion

Scruff is an excellent Niche dating website for male singles who are looking for other male like-minded partners for casual sex, short-term dates, and long-term relationships. The site offers more than just a website since it can act as a traveling companion, making you get your mates even before getting to your destination. The features are useful, and the interface is also excellent. You only need to download the app, register, search, and match and get the conversation going. It is not a complicated website and can be used by young, mature, and old individuals who do not need any expertise or experience.

However, some of the features require premium accounts. But you can register and have a match without paying. It depends on what you need and the duration. It is a recommended site for gays, bisexuals, transgender, and other queer members.

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