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OkCupid Review

OkCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-34
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is easy to make your dating profile.
  • It has an inviting and vibrant login page.
  • It is very gender and sexuality inclusive.
  • It has a wide variety and a large number of users, increasing the chances of finding your match. 
  • You can enjoy core features with a free account. 
  • It requires users to use their real names, so it may not be suitable if you value your privacy and want anonymity.
  • Not suitable if you are a conservative person.
  • With a free account, you cannot see who has liked you.
  • There are fewer options for matches in smaller towns and cities.
  • You have to purchase an account to enjoy some great features.

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How Does It Work

OkCupid is one of the top dating websites in the world. It has over 50million members of different genders and sexual orientations looking for casual hookups, relationships, or even marriage. You first have to create either a free or a paid account before you can enjoy the platform’s features. Once you create an account and become a member, you complete a questionnaire that builds your profile. You are required to disclose what you are looking for on your profile.

The platform does not cater to one need only. If you want a casual hook up, long term relationship, or friendship, you will be able to indicate that. You will find a match by swiping left or right. You can also use features such as Double Take to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. You can message, flirt, and meet your matches and build the type of connection you want. The general design and interface of OkCupid’s website are vibrant and colorful, and this makes your experience on the platform more fun and exciting.

Sign Up & Login Process

OkCupid Review

The registration process is pretty straightforward. You just have to click on sign up while on the main page and then follow all the steps to the end. 

Profile interface

It is fast and straightforward to sign up and create an OkCupid account. On the login page, you click on the ‘join OkCupid’ box and fill in your name, location, email address, and your birthday. There is also an option to register with your Facebook account.

Once you have signed up for an account, you go to the next step. You will have to answer OkCupid’s questionnaire. Answer questions on your personality, likes and dislikes, hobbies, habits, sexual orientation, gender, and what type of relationship you are looking for.

Filling the questionnaire is fun because you answer provocative questions such as “the last show I binged” and “if I were sent to jail, I’d be arrested for.” This information is then used by the platform to create your algorithm and match you to users that you are compatible with. 

A unique feature on the OkCupid profile is choosing the pronoun that you prefer to use on the site. 

Profile interface


OkCupid has an enormous and wide variety of users, which makes it almost impossible for you not to find a match you are compatible with. You will be able to browse through the profile and swipe right or left according to your interest in the user. 

If you want to browse the profile more freely, you can go to the discover section. In this section, you can search for specific names, search according to particular hobbies, and see if users are discussing the same things as you.

You can take the OkCupid test to measure how compatible you are with your match. The test will show you the percentage of compatibility and your match suggestion.

Once you have matched with a user and liked them back, you can communicate with them by messaging them. The feature for open messaging is no longer available. You can only message someone you have matched with. It is advantageous as it eliminates any people who want to send harassing messages. You only receive messages from people you like and not random people you are not interested in or have rejected. It can be a con for some, and you will now have to indiscriminately match with users to increase your chances of finding a match.


Members’ Structure & Activities

OkCupid is a dating site that has one of the most diverse member structures. It has over 50 million users worldwide.

Sexual Preferences

It is very inclusive and allows members to describe their different gender, sexual orientations, and pronouns.

User’s Age

While it has members of all ages, the majority of its members are aged between 25 to 34 years. Most of its members are professionals in their early careers and who are busy and want to meet people much easier. Most of the active members on the platform are males. 

Race & Ethnicity

Members are from all races and ethnicity, as the platform is available in many locations around the world.  

Religious Orientation

Being a very openly liberal dating site, it does not have that many conservatives. Most of its members are permissive and not very religious. It, however, has some religious members also from a variety of religions.

It is for anyone open-minded when it comes to social issues such as politics and who is looking for like-minded people. It is also for people who live their lives freely and liberally and are not restricted by constructs of gender and sexuality. These are the kinds of people that OkCupid seeks as members. 


OkCupid Dating Website Features

Double Take is a feature introduced in 2017 that available to both free and paid accounts. This feature uses the information you provided in your profile and recommends to you the new users that the app thinks would be your match. It is a useful feature for discovering profiles that you would have never come across. 


You can use the DoubleTake profile feature if you want to see more personal information on a user before you match with them. It is because it shows more information and pictures of the user as compared to what you would have seen on the regular browsing feature. It solves the issue of closed messaging without having to swipe on profiles indiscriminately just to match with a user. 

There is a ‘recommended for you’ section on the Double Take, where you can specify what attributes you are looking for. It groups users in this section according to location, interests, and hobbies, among others. It groups possible matches according to how you answered and grouped questions as ‘important’ and ‘extra important.’  

Boost is a premium feature or service that you purchase to get your OkCupid profile highlighted. If you feel like you are not getting enough matches and messages and want more, you can boost your profile. When the platform boosts your profile, it will be displayed to more people on their Double Take suggestions or when they search for profiles. Boosting your profile allows you to get in 15 minutes, the amount of activity that you usually get in a whole day. 

The platform has a ‘who you like’ section on the ‘likes’ tab that allows you to track and keep up with people you like. You are free to message them, and it will be shown on the Double Take page that you sent them a message.

OkCupid Dating Website

On the ‘likes’ tab, you can also see who likes you. You can only enjoy this feature if you have a premium paid account.

You can block or unmatch a person so that they cannot see your website. The site will not notify the person that you have blocked or unmatched them. If they try to view your profile and you have blocked them, then it will appear like you have deleted your account. Blocking or unmatching will also delete any conversations you had with them from their Conversations page.


Members with A-list accounts can enjoy the Read Receipts feature. This feature allows you to see when a person has read your message. If you have a free account, you can purchase Read Receipts as a feature on its own and then see when the last message was ready in that conversation. 

OkCupid has its blog on the site. On this blog, you can read about tips that will help you get the best experience from the app and find what you are looking for. The blog has general dating tips and advice for those who are looking for a relationship and long-term partners.

Safety & Security


Just like any other dating platform, OkCupid advises and expects users to utilize the site carefully. Users should only share with a match what they are comfortable with sharing. It has various security features to protect its members. It has privacy policies and terms of usage that members have to read and agree with when they create an account.

It also has the features to block and report a member. If you want to block a member that you suspect to be a scammer or who is harassing you, click on the three dots at the top of the message bar. You can also go to that member’s profile and click on the block button on their profile.

The platform has an in-site messaging feature where you can interact and communicate anonymously. You do not have to communicate using your contacts such as emails or mobile phone number until you are comfortable with your match. If you have paid membership, you can also change your user name to ensure anonymity.


Privacy Policy

The company behind the website shows a comprehensive privacy policy that states that all users are protected, and no data is leaked to third parties. OkCupid goes above and beyond to ensure safety and privacy.

Is OkCupid Legit or A Scam Service?

Is OkCupid Legit or A Scam Service?

In every dating site, there are possible scammers. However, OkCupid is not a scam service and does its best to prevent such cases. It introduced the requirement that member registers with their actual names rather than nicknames to deter scammers and allow people to know exactly who they are talking to.  

One of the ways of registering on the site is using your Facebook or Instagram account. This allows other users to go to your page and view all your posts and profile and see if you are legit or a scammer.

Members can block and report a member the suspect is a scammer, and the sight can suspend their account after investigating. Despite all these features, it is still up to the member to be careful on the site and take precautions to avoid getting scammed. 

Subscription Types and Price

In this section, you will learn more about the paid features of the platform. We’ve put together a concise guide.

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

One of the things that make OkCupid unique and loved by many is that you can enjoy a lot of features even with free membership. This is not common with a lot of dating sites as they restrict most features for users with free accounts. 

This allows you to enjoy OkCupid for free and see if it offers what you want before you decide to upgrade to a paid account. You can enjoy the Double Take feature even with a free account.

There are two types of paid memberships accounts offered by the dating site. There is also the ‘Boost’ service, which is also a paid service. There is the A-list membership for $19.95 for one month or $9.95/month if you sign up for 6months. Another paid membership is the A-list premium, where you pay $34.90 for one month or $24.90/ month if you sign up for 6months. 


Once you sign up for a paid account, you will be subjected to automatic billing. For the features that you get to enjoy, these prices are worth it. Furthermore, having a paid account gives you a higher social status on the dating site and will definitely get you more attention. 

With an A-list account, you get features such as no ads, viewing who has liked your profile without having to like them back and getting automatic profile boosts.

The premium boost service highlights your profile and displays it to a large number of users in 30 minutes. It makes you more visible to users than you usually are. For the Boost service, you can sign up for one credit at $1.99/credit. You can also get five credits at $1.89/credit and ten credits at $1.69/credit.

Paid Membership

Website Design & Usability

As soon as you enter OkCupid’s login page, you are met with vibrant website design. There is a vibrantly colored slide show of various couples and alongside it a short message on why ‘dating deserves better.’ With such a vibrant login page, you immediately expect your experience on the site to be fun.

It has an easy to navigate and useful user interface that makes your experience seamless. While dating may seem like work, OkCupid has tried to make it easy by making every activity seem like a fun activity on the site, even filling the questionnaire. 

The design of the site and all its accessible features make finding a match a very straightforward process. The site uses your answers on your questionnaire to develop an algorithm for your profile and suggest matches that you would be compatible with.

There is the Double Take feature where you can browse various profiles at a time. You can find groups of persons according to the hobbies you want, their location, or if they have mentioned your topic of interest.

Website Design

Mobile Application

OkCupid has a mobile application available on Android and iOS mobile devices. This app makes it easy to access and enjoy the dating site’s features from anywhere. If you are commuting on public transport, you are at work, or even on a boring date, you can easily browse and swipe on profiles using your app. The features of the app are at the bottom of the screen, and this makes them easily accessible and simple to access.

You will not get any additional features on the app that are not on the site, but your experience will be elevated. One of the features that are better to use on the app than on the website is the Double Take feature. If you are interested, you swipe right, if not, you swipe left. 


On swiping right, and if your compatibility percentage with the person is high, then there will be a pop-up message. This pop-up message will be encouraging you to message the person, and you will have the option to do so or not.

Another way your experience is better on the app is that you can get a direct and quick notification on your mobile phone about new matches and messages.

Mobile Application

Contact information

Company: MTCH Technology Services Limited

Address: 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N112 Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone: (800) 952-5210

Email: support@okcupid.com



OkCupid has moved away from being just a hookup site. It is now suitable even for those who are looking for deeper connections and long-term relationships. You will get a lot of options on this site from its diverse 50 Million plus members. Once you answer the questionnaire and build a profile, you sit back and let the algorithm suggest matches for you. Unlike other dating sites, you get to enjoy so many great features without having to pay a penny, what a sweet deal!


With more people becoming open-minded in their lifestyle and dating, OkCupid is keeping up with that by being so inclusive and liberal. It explains why the majority of its users are millennials, as they are drawn to its diversity and exclusivity. Its user interface, design, and features all work well together to make your dating experience fun and memorable.  

Dating websites are often described as exhausting, and a turn-off, but OkCupid demystifies that myth as soon as you become a member. Once you use this site, you are bound to sing its praises. OkCupid is for people who are tired of dating sites and are looking for a better dating experience. 

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