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Lovoo Review

Lovoo Review
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 70 500 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Large and active userbase
  • Quick registration process
  • Strict security measures
  • Livestreams
  • Most essential features are available for free users
  • Ads for free users
  • Minimal profile details
  • Basic search filters
  • Desktop version isn’t as well-developed as its mobile platform
  • Not everyone is looking for a date

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Online dating has become quite common nowadays. To date, there are over 300 mobile applications out there that are designed to connect people from across the globe. And yet, there are only a few social media platforms, and even fewer are successful. The problem with dating platforms, in general, is that there is often not much to do. You can browse other people’s profiles but not much else. Modern online dating has turned into little more than a checklist of physical appearance. It is rare to see people looking for others based on their character or personality. For this reason, Lovoo was created. How does it compare to other dating platforms? Let’s find out.

How does it work?

Think of Lovoo as a social dating platform, which combines the best of both worlds. You get to date other people from across the globe while also having much to do on this site. That way, your time on Lovoo isn’t limited to scrolling through countless users’ profiles looking for the one that ticks all the boxes. Instead, your time will be a fun mix of dating and entertainment. Lovoo strives to bring back the humanity, personality, and social aspect back into dating, which made it fun in the first place.

Lovoo Review 2020

Sign-Up & Login Process

So, how do you create an account on Lovoo? As you might have guessed, this process is very straightforward. There are two ways to do this.

The first is by linking your Facebook account to Lovoo. You should give the latter permission to access your account. In doing so, Lovoo will import some information from your Facebook account to your Lovoo profile, which helps speed up a profile crafting section later on. Of course, this process should take you less than a minute to complete, but we do not recommend this for security reasons. That is not to say that Lovoo is unsafe. It is common practice not to link multiple accounts unless you absolutely have to. In this case, you don’t. You can register via email instead.

The second option is registration via email. Here, you should provide your name, location, birth date, and gender. With this option, we get to see a layer of protection in place. If your location does not match your actual area, which is independently scanned, Lovoo will ask for confirmation. That could mean an SMS confirmation, which implies you will also need to provide your phone number.

In most cases, this problem will only occur if you use a VPN or enter your actual location incorrectly. Sometimes, the problem is more technical. Some people, especially scammers, have suspicious IP addresses, which prompt this verification. Sometimes, your email address does not match your IP. Whatever the case may be, we recommend going through the verification process. Even if you quit and come back to Lovoo the next day, you will still be prompted to verify via SMS. This continues for about 30 days.

But if you do not encounter this problem, then all you have to do is verify your email. Simply check your inbox for an email from Lovoo and click on the link provided.

Once you have created an account, you can start to put your profile together. We recommend doing this as soon as possible, although this step is entirely optional. The reason for this is that you want to get this out of the way first thing. That way, once you are familiar with the site, you can start browsing without worry. Who knows? Maybe in your early days on Lovoo, there might be some users who have checked out your profile but decided against contacting you simply because your profile is empty. It is unlikely, but still possible.

Another benefit of completing your profile is for matchmaking purposes. Users can use Lovoo as much as they want without completing their profiles. They don’t even have to upload a single photo. But users with empty profiles will show up at the very bottom of the search engine. Since no one would bother looking that far, having your profile listed at the bottom is as good as being completely hidden.

It will not take long to complete your profile as there is not much to write about, anyway. All you need is to write a short paragraph about yourself and a few other things, such as uploading three photos into your gallery. This step should be completed for you already if you register using your Facebook account.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile interface

Next, let’s talk about profiles on Lovoo. What tools do users have at their disposal to express themselves?

Unfortunately, that is where Lovoo falls a bit short as their profiles lack detail. You can see a user’s name, age, location, online status, verification status, and a short bio. This bio is also limited, as you can only write a short paragraph about yourself.

The profile display is quite intuitive, however. When you click on a user’s profile, you will get a popup instead of being taken to another page. That way, you can close the popup and resume browsing immediately without having to wait for the website to load a previous page. Usually, it only takes about 3 seconds or so to reload the previous page, but the popup feature is a nice touch.

The layout is different if you are on mobile. On the desktop site or Lovoo mobile app, you get a clear view of the users’ photos as they are situated to the side of the screen, taking up about half of it. You can see additional photos simply by scrolling down.

Other than that, there are two tabs you can click on. One of them shows a user’s photo gallery, and the other one shows a user’s profile and information. It is worth mentioning that you will not be able to view any of this if you haven’t completed your profile. This is yet another reason why you should take your time and complete your account as soon as possible.


Next, let’s talk about how you could connect with other users. Here is one of the many areas where Lovoo really shines.

First, Lovoo has a classic matchmaking feature similar to that on Tinder, which is called Play. Matchmaking here is based purely on random chance. Here, you can either choose to “Like” (heart) someone, which will alert them of your interest, or “Pass” (Cross) them, which will simply prompt the system to pull up another profile for you. Lovoo also features a one-hand operation in which you can like or dislike a person just by pressing on the left or right arrow key, respectively. If another person responds to you and also “Like” you, you can then start messaging them.

Speaking of interest, if you happen to be browsing through various profiles in Lovoo and find someone you like, you can send “Hearts” to them. This will also alert them of your interest. This feature is accessible for everyone, even free users. Users can also add people to their list of favorites so that you don’t have to look them up again.

The chat system is basic yet adequate. It functions similarly to Facebook Messenger, so you should feel at home. The interface is minimalistic yet intuitive as well.


Members structure and activities

It is worth knowing the website userbase well before you start using a dating platform. It makes sense because you will know what to expect. Here, Lovoo has a vast database. The gender ratio is skewed toward the male population. 75% of users on Lovoo are male, and the other 25% are female. Even so, this should not affect your dating experience at all.

What makes Lovoo unique is its nature. You see, Lovoo is a social dating platform. That means it works similarly to Facebook as a social media platform and yet also helps people find matches similar to Tinder. Many members on Lovoo register simply to find dates, but others just use it as a social media platform. They use it to find other like-minded people and perhaps meet up in person later.

This is perhaps why Lovoo has so many members. It is because of its social nature. While most users are looking for dates, some just use Lovoo as an alternative to Facebook. This should come as no surprise considering that Facebook has had many blunders in the past, especially those related to privacy and data protection. Lovoo has a clean record so far, but we will talk about how they protect their users later.

Users age

When it comes to age distribution, most Lovoo users are between the age of 18 to 45. It is also worth noting that most of them are free members, and we will explain why later.

Sexual preferences

There is no exact information about sexual preferences on Lovoo. While there are only two genders to choose from at registration, they never ask people to reveal their sexual orientation. As such, we can say that Lovoo accepts everyone, regardless.

Race And Ethnicity

There are more than 6 million users who live in the United States alone. According to Lovoo, there are 70 million registered users worldwide, most of whom are based in Europe. That means you can remain connected and find other users living locally regardless of your location. On a daily basis, Lovoo reported that there are roughly 100,000 daily logins, so it is clearly a very active site.

Religious Orientation

Again, we have no data here. However, given that Lovoo has members worldwide, it is safe to assume that Lovoo is not affiliated with any specific religious group and welcomes everyone.

Religious Orientation

Lovoo dating website features

What makes Lovoo stand out from other dating platforms is their Icebreaker and Discover feature.

Free users are given one “Icebreaker” message per day. Icebreaker messages are message templates you can send to other users. This is a pretty handy feature for many people as it helps them get over the initial “What do I say?” barrier upon the first contact. All you have to do is select the message you want to send, hit a button, and it’ll be sent. It takes away the guesswork and initial nervousness. Of course, paying users can send as many messages as they like.

Discover is similar to the random matchmaking feature we just discussed. The difference is that you get to tinker with various filters to help you narrow down your search. The filters are quite basic, which is enough in most cases. You can find users based on gender, age, and location. Here, a regional search is limited to the cities inside your country.

Safety & Security

Of course, every good dating site requires top-notch security, and Lovoo provides nothing less. From strict verification and account creation rules that we have just mentioned, these alone are often enough to prevent scammers from coming in. On a more technical level, Lovoo implemented an encrypted connection to protect users’ privacy as well. All in all, their security is excellent, and you have nothing to worry about.

Is Lovoo legit or scam service?

From what we have seen so far from Lovoo, we can say with certainty that Lovoo is a legit service. They would not make it far as a scam site as they would be found out very quickly. The fact that Lovoo has amassed over 70 million users is conclusive proof that they are a legit website.

Is Lovoo legit or scam service?

Subscription types and price

Next, let’s talk about prices as Lovoo offers a premium membership. As you will soon see, their price is very reasonable.

Free membership

All registered users on Lovoo are given a standard membership, which allows them access to the following:

  • Start livestreams
  • Watch livestreams
  • Send likes
  • Send one icebreaker message a day
  • Add people to your list of favorites
  • Access to the search engine

More often, these features are already more than enough to communicate with other people on Lovoo, which is why so many people stick to the standard membership.

Even if the free membership is enough, we would still recommend you upgrade to a premium one. With it, you will have access to the following:

  • No ads
  • Send unlimited icebreaker messages
  • See who checked out your profile
  • See who sent you a like
  • Ability to reverse your choice in Play feature
  • Incognito browsing
  • Preferential listing

To keep things simple, Lovoo only offers one premium membership with four different durations. Their 1-month membership costs $9.99. The 3-month goes for $8.33, 6-month for $5.67, and 12-month for $5.83 a month. Normally, we recommend going for the 12-month subscription since it gives the best value. However, for Lovoo, the best value is actually the 6-month package.

Paid membership

Website design and usability

As Lovoo is a social dating platform, it sports a bright and colorful color palette. Everything looks very clean and professional. We tried Lovoo ourselves and find the overall experience to be very enjoyable. Every button is accessible as it is conveniently placed. Everything you need is often no more than a few clicks away. The loading time is also very short, and both the desktop site and mobile app are bug-free. This alone tells us that Lovoo puts a lot of effort into designing their website and mobile app.

Mobile application

Nowadays, it is almost unacceptable for a dating platform, let alone a social media platform, not to have a dedicated mobile app. So, of course, Lovoo offers one for its users. The best thing here is that the app is compatible with both iOS and Android gadgets, so no one is missing out here. Plus, the app is 100% free to download.

It appears that Lovoo wants people to use their mobile app instead of their desktop site as they introduced two additional mobile-exclusive features. Those are the Radar and the Lovoo Live features. These features are the perfect addition to the mobile app as they encourage users to go out there and mingle.

Let’s start with the Radar feature. As you might have guessed, it shows the location of nearby users who happen to be online at that time. It works similarly to Google Maps, except it is used to locate other nearby users. Maybe some of them are hanging out in the local café or the pub. You won’t know these things unless you got the Radar feature, so this is a great way to find people to hang out with.

Another mobile-exclusive feature is called Lovoo Live. Again, this is self-explanatory. It lets users broadcast live videos on Lovoo, and other people can watch and interact. This feature is free for everyone.

Part of the reason why Lovoo is famous is that users can actually earn some cash from their livestreams. For this reason, performers across the globe turn to Lovoo as another revenue source. Viewers can gift their favorite talent with diamonds, which can be redeemed for credits or cash.

As you might have guessed, Lovoo mobile app is more popular than its website counterpart. This makes sense considering the convenience that mobile app brings. The only trade-off we can think of is what you will have to do with a smaller screen.

Mobile application

Contact information

Company: The Meet Group, Inc.

Address: 100 Union Square Drive New Hope, PA 18938

Phone: (215) 862-1162

Email: contact@lovoo.com


In short, do we recommend Lovoo? Of course! Lovoo, as a social media, is smaller in scale compared to Facebook, but it functions very similarly to the latter. As a dating platform, Lovoo offers many features, most of which are accessible by free members. The only downside we can think of, and we had to nitpick here is the presence of ads for free members. Even that is non-intrusive and should not affect your experience at all. Considering that it costs literally zero dollars to try out, we see no reason why you should not give Lovoo a shot.

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