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Kasidie Review

Kasidie Review
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The usability of the platform.
  • The social media like structure.
  • The basic membership is free of charge.
  • Mobile support on-the-go.
  • Social interactions in chat rooms is a plus.
  • An active and lively community
  • Smart tools embedded in the site for editing photos.
  • It's quite a lengthy registration process.
  • The savings for paying a full subscription could be higher.
  • Some essential features restricted behind a paywall.
  • The demographic is limited in comparison to competing services.

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Swinging as an activity to meet up with people, is not as thought-provoking as some people might assume. Sure some users are looking primarily for indiscriminate sexual stimulation, but there is also room for more sophisticated relationships. Therefore, think up your mind, before you turn your head towards adult dating sites such as Adult Friend Finder. Even though the former is one of the most popular swinger sites with a large user base—it’s far from the best. Having a large sum of people might sound inviting, but in the grand scheme of things, Kasidie is one of those examples that stick out despite having a smaller demographic. You could consider Kasidie as a social networking platform for swingers, with a ton of features that can fulfill your swinger imaginations. You will encounter a lively user base, form new relations and friendships that share your interests.

How does it work?

Are you urging for your next erotic dating relationship for couples? Look no further.

The Web platform Kasidie is a social meeting place on the Internet aimed for the adult swingers, adventurous couples, and singles to communicate, share mindsets, and join hands in communities. With its catchy tagline, remember by name, you’ll be screaming it later. The service has garnered the utmost attention amongst the swinger communities; for people on the Internet looking for sexual services in a variety of different erotic pleasures.

Following this review, we examine how Kasidie sticks out from the competition when it refers to erotic dating possibilities for singles and couples. We take a deep dive to grasp what the social networking community is all about, the difference between a paid and free membership, and the site’s incorporated features.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Setting up your account for the first time is easy and straightforward. There is no need to fill in personal details to sign up for the service. All you need is to type the preferred location to find people within your area and a username of your liking, and some ordinary information about yourself. That includes your gender and what gender you are looking for, which helps the system match and locate partners filling the criteria within your area. When that is complete, you can explore what the site has to offer, browsing through all the active user-profiles and make your first contact by sending a message. You can also head towards your user profile and finish up some finer details about yourself, which can improve your chances of meeting the people of your interest. It’s an easy and straightforward process and takes less than a minute to complete- and best of all- mobile devices are supported, which makes it even better. One of the critical aspects is that you don’t have to give out details if you don’t want to; this means you can stay anonymous. Sharing information between members on the site is entirely optional.

Profile interface

You can start crafting your free profile after verifying your email address, location, and login specifications, including a profile picture. As you might suspect, Kasidie is a dating platform for swingers, singles and couples alike- hence an actual face is needed to be portrayed on the photograph. If you have pictures of yourself in other people’s company, you can use smart tools embedded in the software to blur or crop out portions of the photograph. It’s important to know that all graphical sexual contents such as genitals are forbidden to use on profile pages and pictures. When you have succeeded in uploading a profile picture, you can add some further details if you want, in the following points:

  • Sexual preferences – what sexual characteristics you desire
  • Height, weight and other physical attributes (aspects such as eye and hair color)
  • Description of yourself – be honest and truthful
  • Description of what you are looking for (sexual and mutual tendencies)
  • Private Text (personal information that is private until you give someone access)
  • Interests – Your hobbies outside of work
  • Things you enjoy sexually
  • Clues about your personality – spread your charm in an enigmatic matter.

Short note: it’s very similar to an online dating profile –the more details you share about yourself, the more precise the algorithm can perform in finding a match based on your liking.


The more descriptive you have been in your profile, the more likely people will contact you in advance. If this happens, you will see a notification in the message section, highlighting a flirt is ongoing. You can also try out the matching feature yourself, which uses your profile description to match with other people based on your data. If you find someone who adheres to your liking, send a message and hope that the person responds. However, if you are unsatisfied with the results, see if you can flesh out your profile description, the more, the merrier. You can also use the rendezvous point to locate other singles and couples who are in an active search for a hook-up.

Members structure and activities

Users Age

Among the 600 000 concurrent monthly active users, you will find young adults from 18 to 30 years old, as well as people in the upper spectrum from 30 to 69 years old. This fact highlights one of the site’s strengths in having a wide variety of users of different ages. If you are looking for an elderly couple with experience or a young and wild single- it’s all up to you.

Sexual Preferences

As Kasidie is a social networking platform aimed towards sexually experimental people such as swingers or sybarites in the United States, all users share a common interest in sexual indulgence. On the site, you will find swinger’s parties, dating couples, and people interested in BDSM, fetish, orgies, group sex, exhibitionism, role-playing, voyeurism, and more.

Race And Ethnicity

Among the concurrent active users, around 90% is deriving from the USA, with the remainder adhering from European destinations from the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, and Poland. It’s important to note that there are no explicit barriers to a particular ethnicity; the platform is open for all people.

Religious Orientation

As a vast majority of members are citizens from the United States, most people are Christian or Catholic. In Europe, religious orientation is spread more evenly between Catholicism, Christianity, and Islam. Although, in the community, all religion is open in the platform– no one is left out.

Kasidie dating website features

You can register your account with a wide range of free features, with some of its content being exclusive for the premium membership. At its core, Kasidie offers networking interactions between members searching for like-minded people to accompany them on swinger clubs and parties and resort takeovers. The platform provides several ways to converse with one another via instant messaging, group forums, or chat rooms. You can craft your social profile and share pictures with no boundaries. The majority of the communities are open for the public, but some are exclusive for certain activities of the salacious extreme– if you will.

One of the key benefits of being a certified member is that it allows members in the community to view your profile, favoring your status, credibility, and authenticity.

There are currently three ways to get a certified profile:

  • Take a picture of yourself holding an object that conveys your username with the current date, and send it to the certification staff using the email address: certification@kasidie.com. If you are a couple, the picture must depict at least one of the two of you.
  • You can also meet up with a staff member in the Kasidie personnel at a party and get verified by them.
  • It is also possible to get your identity verified by a certified and subscribed member of the community.

It’s vital to keep in mind many swinger organizations use sites like Kasidie to verify guests who wish to participate in their festivities. It can be the determining factor for entrance to exclusive and premier events will most likely determine your entry based on the profile’s status. The online community is not limited to forums but are active on social media channels and blogs.

As a tool for finding and creating new relations, Kasidie has an excellent search mechanism that gives users advanced fine-tuning adjustments for finding and matching members in a specific location. There are several filters to adjust the search algorithm to match members within groups and clubs, as well as finding exclusive members including, non-certified users.

Safety & Security

Operating for over ten years as a specialist swinger’s community, Kasidie has a strong reputation for providing a safe and functional space. The service is suited for adventurous couples and singles the chance to meet online and find saucy events to attend. If you want to remain hidden, you can easily adjust the privacy settings to become fully anonymous.

Is Kasidie Legit or Scam Service?

The website was already in the works back in 2006 as an online magazine aimed at the global swinger communities. But it wasn’t until 2008 that the groundwork began to take shape to the social platform that we have today. The people behind the site all have backgrounds in swinger communities, which has given them fruit to develop a service tailored for that particular sub-group of people. All users in Kasidie are real people; there exist no fake accounts. One might complain about the lengthy procedure to make an account certified, but it also gives a claim for its legitimacy of the platform.

Subscription types and price

While most of the core content on Kasidie is accessible for free, you will need to join hands as a member to achieve the full experience.

Free Membership

After finishing the registration, you will unlock a Basic Membership, which is free for all members. It will allow you to browse through all the active profiles on the site and make use of some of the core features of the service, including search mechanisms. In a similar fashion to other social networking sites, you will be able to search for potential swinger dates, accept friend requests, and converse with one another via email. Despite lacking some core features in comparison to a paid membership, it won’t hinder your ability to find the perfect match for your dating purposes. Although, if you consider upgrading your membership to Elite – you will be given an option to renew after you gain access to your profile.

Paid Membership

The key benefit of upgrading to an Elite membership is that it allows you to take part in more events and opportunities that would otherwise be private. With a certified account, you can send messages, flirts, and even create new bonds with friend requests. That is in stark contrast to the basic membership, which is limited to only receiving and approving friend requests. Meaning, if you want to be the one who takes command, making the first contact, the first lasting impression – you should consider upgrading your membership. The paid membership opens the whole suite of the platform, granting access to every profile and photographs uploaded in the Kasidie community. If you are into forums, chat rooms, and instant messaging– the Elite membership will give you the keys to those interactions. It will enhance your chance of meeting and greeting with many swingers in real-time.

The current price plan based upon a loyalty program that will grant you the best buck of your money’s worth, the more extended period you sign up. The rates are as follows:

Plan Cost Cost per month Savings per month

1 month $19.95 $19.95 0 %

3 months $45 $15 25 %

6 months $75 $12 40 %

12 months $129.95 $10.8 44 %

Payment methods that are supported are credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and Discovery. Once you’ve upgraded, the subscription sets to re-bill per automatic via the listed credit card.

Website design and usability

Kasidie offers a website with a clean and straightforward design approach to ease the usability of the site for new users. It’s easy to navigate and explore all the website’s features, and with support for mobile devices — Kasidie offers a lot to the table. With keen attention to detail, the site immediately senses your smartphone or tablet and delivers an experience tailored for the screen size on your device. You are no longer limited to your computer or laptop but can easily converse with people on the go.

Mobile application

Kasidie lacks a dedicated mobile application but offers a dynamic website compatible for both PC and mobile devices. In this way, you don’t need to download a specific app to work on your phone, but instead use your existing web browser to access the website. This fact means that your phones won’t be hindered by software and hardware limitations as older phone models are left out, which can affect the usability of the service.

Contact information

Kasidie is a long-running dating platform, with roots going all back to on Jun 25, 2004.

Company: Kasidie Entertainment LLC.

Contact: there is no phone number listed on the site, but you can contact the company using their affiliate here: https://kasidie.org/contact-us/.


If you are searching for a dating service that takes form as a social media platform– you will most likely have a satisfying experience with Kasidie. It might not have the most significant demographic; you can be sure that all communities are active and real people. One of the platform’s strengths is that you can still have a pleasant experience without having to pay for the premium membership. The latter is uncommon nowadays, where most dating services are crippled down to urge you to pay for the subscription service. All that said, the paid membership does open a lot of opportunities for you to be a part of; including, being able to interact with other members, on the whole, another level. Arrange play dates, rendezvous points, and travel plans– are where the service shines at its most. Add the support for mobile devices such as your smartphone and tablet; you can take part in all the chitchat when you are outside of your home.

The price plan of the membership is quite generous, with an annual fee of 130 dollars. Kasidie grants you new parties, hook-ups, and a bunch of photos for a whole year — all in one package for no more than 11 dollars per month. There is no better value proposition offered if you compare the value provided with the service to its competitors in the market.

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