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Happn Review

Happn Review
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 30-32
Profiles 22 800
Reply Rate 99%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Happn is majorly on mobile applications. Available on Android and iPhone mobile applications.
  • This site Offers a secret matching system. One does not know whether you liked them unless they like you back.
  • Location-based. Makes you get matches from people within your location, or rather, people you have crossed paths with in real life.
  • Detailed profiles that give the occupation and also the level of education of your match.
  • Invisibility mode: you can hide your location at any time if you feel like not matching with people within the area you are.
  • The website has no website. It can only be accessed via mobile applications.
  • Not suitable for individuals looking for matches outside their locations.
  • No screening or verification of profiles, making it vulnerable for scammers, imposters, and fake profiles. Since its location-based, it may create an avenue for stalkers.
  • Expensive: functions such as turning on invisibility and searching filters require premium accounts, which may be a bit expensive to moderate users.
  • Members can only chat and create conversations with users they have matched with. To send a random unmatched user, you need to upgrade your account to premium.

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Happn is an online dating site that is suitable for members looking for dating partners within their neighborhood. It’s a site that enables you to connect and date people you have crossed paths with in real life.

To be able to use and enjoy this site, you are required to register, have an account, and use its features to connect with other like-minded members. This site aims to help you get connections with people you have met but did not have the time or courage to hook up with them.

Happn is a site that puts together online algorithms and physical encounters to give you a deserving match.

Launched in 2014, Happn, also known as the ‘new tinder,’ uses location features to match with people within a distance of 250 metres radius. It can only be used via mobile applications, which can be downloaded from Google play store and iOS platforms for android and iPhone smartphones, respectively. The site currently has over 50million registered accounts and still capturing new members on its platform.

Happn is free to use online dating application, which provides most of its features free of charge. However, to get some of its advanced features, members must upgrade their accounts to premium. Let’s see how it works, its members, features, registration process, and much more. Read this review to learn more about this dating platform.

Happn: How Does It Work?


Happn is a local, online dating application that connects like-minded members who have crossed paths in real life or are within their location. It is a site suitable for individuals looking for short term dates, long term relationships, or just for casual sex.

This online dating platform enables members to get matches within their location quickly and secretly through its location feature. They will only know you liked them after they like your profile back.

To use this app, you need to have an app downloadable for free on android and iOS platforms. You only need to sign up, create an account, and start matching with other members within your location.

Happn works with the reciprocity principle, whereby you will only get contacted by members you have matched with and not any other random user. This principle means; to have a conversation on this site, you need to like and be liked by your preferred match.

Happn’s Sign-Up & Login Process

Happn Sign-Up

To use this online dating application, you first need to have a mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on android and iOS platforms. After downloading the app, you are required to register and create an account. The registration process is straightforward and takes less than a minute since it’s done via the Facebook account.

Most of this registration information is captured from the Facebook account and include the below details:

  • Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Your date of birth
  • Your pictures
  • Email address.

After the above information has been captured, the app requires new users to state their gender preference.

The website does not verify or hold members’ accounts to be approved. Once done with the registration process, you can start using its features to get your preferred match.

Profile Interface

Happn Interface

Happn profiles are not that much detailed. Most of its information is captured during registration. However, after you are done with the registration process, the site offers sections where members can optionally include the below information:

  • Work and education: members are required to provide details concerning their job, employer, and school in this section.
  • About me: Users must provide a brief description of themselves and what they are looking for.
  • Instagram pictures: this section enables profiles to link their profiles to their Instagram accounts to import profiles and photos.
  • Music selection: this part lets users sync and synchronizes their accounts with the Spotify music app to upload, choose, and dedicate their kind of music.

Some of the information provided during registration and while creating an account can be hidden on premium accounts. However, to get the best quality matches, users are required to have accurate, updated accounts.


Happn MatchesCommunication

Happn dating platform has limited matching and communication features for its users. Being just like tinder, the website uses the swiping feature, whereby you can like or reject a profile depending on your likes and preferences.

Members will only get matches depending on the information they provided during account registration. The website does not have a search function as Members get matches depending on their location and also their likes and preferences. They will get potential matches who are within a 250metres radius.

Users are only allowed to send free likes to their potential matches. Once they like back, it becomes a match. Communication is only done via messaging feature, and it’s only possible for matched members. You have to pair with a profile before sending messages to them. Messaging is the main communication feature available on this website.

However, premium account holders can view users who liked them and like their profiles back to create matches according to their preferences.

The website also provides a hello function, whereby individuals can send a hello to any profile they would want to hook up or create a conversation with. However, using hello is not private, as other users will see your message. Members can send as many as ten hellos to any profiles that appear on their accounts.

Member’s Structure and Activities

Happn Activities

Happn has over 50million users around the world. Most of these users come from the United States and other adjacent countries. With these large numbers, this population can be classified into different categories according to their:

  • Age
  • Sexual Preference
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Religious orientation

Users Age

Happn is an adult dating website for members to get their preferred dating partners. To use this dating platform, you are required to be over 18 years of age.

The majority of users on this website are young adults, aged between 20 to 35 years of age.

However, you can find members as young as 18 years and as old as 60 years of age using this site seeking to get dating partners.

Sexual Preferences

Happn Sexual Preferences

There are no restrictions on sexual preferences on this site. The dating app accepts all types of sexual orientations, and members have to select their kind while registering their accounts.

Using this site, you can find straight members, gays, lesbians, and other LGBTQ community members to get their preferred matches.

Race and Ethnicity

Happn Ethnicity

Happn dating platform accepts users from all races and ethnicities. The website does not put limits on the type of races that should use this site.

You can find black Americans, Indians, Asians, Chinese, Africans, and other races using this platform. It connects you to your immediate neighbors, meaning that any type of race is acceptable.

Religious Orientation

Since it is a site used by all ethnicities in all regions, the Happn dating platform is open for use for all types of religious groups.

On this site, you can find Christians, Muslims, pagans, Hindus, and other religious group members using this site.

Happn Dating Website Features

Happn  Website Features

Being an online dating platform, Happn has features that make it easy to use and also to carry out its designated functions. Most of these features are free to use, while other advanced ones require users to upgrade their accounts to premium. Some of these features include:

  • Messages: This is the only conversation feature available on this platform. It allows matched users to communicate with each other through words and chatting.
  • Hellos: these act as icebreakers. They are sent by unmatched users to other profiles to create interest. New users are always given a maximum of 10 hellos, which they need to purchase again when they deplete.
  • Voice Messages: members can record their voices and send them to their messages while using this feature.
  • I’m up for: this is a six-hour feature that enables members to alert other users what they are up to on those six hours. They can be out on drinking, taking a walk, watching movies, or just doing other hobbies.
  • My Music selection: this feature allows users to sync their accounts with the Spotify app, whereby they can listen, dedicate, and send music to their crushes.
  • Crush time: this is a guess feature that shows you four of the people you have crossed paths with. You are required to choose only one profile that happens to like you. Guessing this correctly gives you access to communicate with them while missing out, sends them a like.

Safety & Security

Happn  Safety & Security

Like other dating applications, the Happn dating platform has security features that tend to secure members’ accounts and their data on this platform.

The website has no verification and approval methods for new members but has provided necessities like the block feature, enabling users to block and report suspicious scam accounts on their profiles.

Happn has also provided a detailed privacy policy to secure its user’s data. This privacy policy has given details on the kind of data the website collects from its members, how it collects it, how it uses it, and how it stores this data. It has also given details on how it shares this data with other third parties. The site has also shared information on how it shares and transfers this data with other parties.

Details are also provided on how users have rights of their data and how long it stores this data, and how it does not collect data for minors. There are also contact details regarding the privacy policy if one needs to contact the company.

Is Happna Legit or Scam Service?

Happn  Service

With its operations, privacy policy, members, and function, we can say Happn is a legitimate dating site. It has all the features of the dating site and enough securities to make it a secure dating site.

Due to the absence of verification methods on this site, there are a large number of scam and fake profiles that users should beware of.

Registration is through Facebook and mobile phones only, which ensures scam profiles and robots are kept at bay.

Happn’s Subscription Types and Price

Happn has two main subscription types to its members. These are:

  • Free membership: these are the primary accounts available just after registration.
  • Paid membership: these are upgraded accounts through subscriptions.

These accounts have been explained into details as below:

Free Membership

Happn  Free Membership

Also known as basic accounts, free membership is available immediately after registration. Features of this membership are limited, and users enjoy the below free benefits:

  • Free account registration and also creating their profiles.
  • Users can enjoy the basic matching with other potential profiles.
  • Free messaging with users they have matched with.
  • Free membership account holders can post statuses on their profiles to give clues on what they are up to.
  • Free account holders can send likes to their potential profiles on this platform.
  • Account-holders on free membership can view other users’ photos and also their profiles.

Free membership users are required to upgrade their accounts to a paid membership to access other advanced features.

Paid memberships are the paid accounts, also known as premium accounts, and offer all the features of this mobile dating application. Apart from the above free features, users on paid membership enjoy the below-advanced benefits:

  • Crush time: they can send unwanted messages to other unmatched profiles on this website to create matches.
  • While free membership offers only ten free hellos, premium account holders benefit from enjoying ten Hellos daily.
  • Paid membership account holders can turn off the visibility feature, making their locations invisible to other users.
  • Premium account holders enjoy ad-free browsing. This means they do not encounter pop-up ads while browsing the site.
  • Account-holders on the premium can change their settings and browse incognito while on this platform.

Paid membership comes with costs that are paid monthly, half-yearly, or yearly on this platform. These costs are paid as subscriptions that occur on different packages. These subscription packages include the below:

  • One-month premium subscription at $24.99, paid monthly.
  • Six-month premium subscription at $89.99, paid half-yearly, which translates to $15.00/month.
  • One-year premium subscription at $119.99, paid yearly, which translates to $10.00/month.

Users can also purchase Happn coins, which come on the below packages:

  • 10 Coins at $2.99
  • 60 coins at $14.99
  • 100 coins at $16.99
  • 250 coins at 39.99

These coins are only available to members on premium accounts.

These payments can be purchased using credits cards, direct debit, pay pal, or via mobile phone, especially on Google play store.

The premium subscription packages are auto-renewed a day before their due date. Users are required to cancel it either on Google Play Store or iOS subscription settings to terminate this auto-renewal process.

Happn Design and Usability

Happn dating platform can only be used via mobile applications. The platform has no functional website.

Happn Mobile Application

All functions of this website are done via mobile applications, which are free to download and install on the Apple iOS platform and Google android platform for iPhone and Android users, respectively.

The mobile app has an easy to use, modern design which requires no expertise even for the new members. It uses the location feature to enable users to match with other members they have met or crossed on the way. It offers all features of this platform and also gives notifications on messages and other alerts vital to the members.

The mobile app does location and member tracking even when not in use. Users can turn off this feature at their convenience.

Contact Information

Company: HAPPN SAS

Address: 8 Rue du Sentier, 75002, Paris

Phone: N/A


Final Conclusion

Being a mobile app, Happn enables its members to be online anytime and anywhere at the convenience of their mobile apps. It is a suitable platform for users who are looking for matches within their location, and it is an ideal app for neighborhood dating. Features are great and easy to use. The interface is also easy to navigate.

However, a few features like messaging require subscriptions, which can be avoidable if you match with your potential matches. It is a recommended site for individuals who do not prefer long-distance dating.

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