Grindr Review

Grindr Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 2 300 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It's an amazing way to meet new and different people with different cultures, diversified thought processes, and endless passions. This app has a free as well as the paid version. Though one can subscribe to it and chat up with the guys coming up on the screen. If someone is new to the town, they can find someone to go out for a snack and not get bored alone.
  • It even gives a chance to the users for soft stalking. While stalking someone, you will find most of the guys in their picture with some girl at the back or the baby stroller. One is lucky to find someone with no such things in the profile, and so the person can stalk their profile. Without even saying a hi to the person, one can have the advantage of stalking. One can read their profile, find out their likes and dislikes, what they are looking for. And so it can be called soft stalking. It's a secret way of knowing the person and not even getting up all their business.
  • Boost of confidence is yet another thing that can be seen amongst the users. Receiving a compliment from the person one is attracted to is always merrymaking. Who doesn't like getting attention? Everybody loves getting attention.
  • It has over 6 million users. Having a platform where one can access such a huge number of potential people they can engage in is stunning. It helps the gentlemen easily surf their desires, which is not normally active and talked about. Having a platform where they are going forward with their desires helps them a lot emotionally.
  • it does not seem beneficial for the person looking for romanticism like in a prince charming. A lot of people in this application come for just friendship or a time pass. They are not looking for serious relationships. So the people looking for deep romanticism are not satisfied with their matches on the site.
  • Concerns regarding privacy and safety. One should always be careful with the location access and not always give access to the people they are talking to. Sharing inappropriate pictures can also call for a real mess. And not to be forced or obligated to meet a person only because he has called one pretty. And staying away from people who take drugs and parties all time can bring someone in a real problem later.
  • At times, it brings a huge dent to the self-esteem of the person. At times people don't reply after sending more face pictures as they don't care about might be that person had a bad hair day or might be a great person at heart. All these activities bring a huge downfall to the self-esteem of the person by thinking low about self.
  • At times, it even turns out to be a total waste of time. People are just on the site for the sake of pleasure and time passes. So it results in a total waste of time looking for some serious relationship rather than just surfing and wasting time searching for something meaningful.

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