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Fitness Singles Review 2022

Fitness Singles Review
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Suitable for individuals who like keeping fit and are looking for like-minded fit partners
  • Strict verification process. There is a team that approves profiles and photos
  • Profiles are detailed and provide as much-needed description as possible
  • Low membership. The site has barely over 2 million registered members.
  • There are no mobile applications neither for android nor iPhone users.
  • Basic features like messaging are on premium accounts.
  • Premium rates are a bit high compared to its limited features.

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Fitness singles is an online dating site for individuals who are living in an active lifestyle. It is a website for individuals who work out and do exercises to stay fit.

It is a site for individuals looking for fitness dates, a fit partner, or a relationship that revolves around fitness. Users on this site are fit and use the platform to find other like-minded partners either for short term dates or long term relationships. This website has a team that verifies individuals before they join this site. It has also posted success stories of individuals who have been connected through its platform.

To be a member of this site and use its features, you are required to register and have an account. Registration and use of features are done via the website. There is no functional mobile application, neither for android users nor for iPhone users. All registrations, matching, and contacts have to be done through the site.

Fitness Singles dating platform is one of the largest fitness dating platforms in the world. It also has a feature that rates the top 25 famous members who use its site. These members include both men and women. To sign up, you are only required to login to www.fitness-singles.com, and on its homepage, you will find a registration page. All functions are accessible once you register and become a member.

Let’s look at its features, use, members, and other benefits of this platform. Join this review to the end.

The Way FitnessSingles Works

The Way FitnessSingles Works

To be a member and access these site features, you are required to register. Registration can only be done through the website as it does not have mobile apps yet.

After having an account, you can use the search filters to seek for your potential match according to your likes and preferences. Search filters are free of charge. You can either use the basic search filters or use the advanced search options. Basic search filters will only give you random profiles available on this site. In contrast, the advanced search filters give you profiles depending on your set likes and preferences.

After matching, you can send each other message to create a conversation. Messaging is a premium feature that can only be used by individuals on premium accounts. Messaging can be in two ways, either through mails or by instant messaging.

Registering, use of search filters, matching, and all forms of communications can only be done via the website. Since there are no mobile apps, members on premium accounts can include their mobile phone numbers on their profiles, enabling them to receive messages and other alerts via text messages.

Fitness Singles Sign-Up & Login Process

Fitness Singles Sign-Up & Login Process

You need to register and also create your profile to be a member of this site. Registration enables you to access and use features of this website and also browse onto other member’s profiles. Registration can only be done via the website, and it is manual.

To register, the following process and details are required:

  • Gender: you have to select your gender from the options: male or female
  • The gender you are seeking: you need to select your preferred gender: male or female.
  • Age of the members you are seeking: you need to select options of the minimum age and the maximum age of matches you are seeking.
  • Birthday: you need to select your date of birth in Month, Date, and Year format.
  • Location: you need to select your country, province, and city to determine your location.
  • Username: you need to provide a unique username in this section.
  • Password: a robust and unique password is required to secure your account.
  • Email Address: you are required to provide a valid email address on this section.
Profile Interface

Profile Interface

After clicking join now, you will be directed to a tab with several fitness activities, where you will be required to choose your interests. From the activities you wanted, you are required to state whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

After completing your registration process, next, you are required to edit and update your profile details. This site has very detailed profile information which incorporates the below information:

  • Body Description: In this section, you are required to describe your body from the set options. These include Average, a few extra pounds, disabled, large, among other possibilities.
  • Looks: the website requires users to describe their looks into this section. You need to choose from the options: Average, good-looking, and very good-looking among others.
  • Best feature: you are required, from the options, to choose your best body feature.
  • Options include arms, back, butt, legs, and smile, among others.
  • Physical features: you are required to choose your height and also weight.
  • Ethnicity: the website requires new users to choose their Race from the set options, which include: Asian, Black, Native American, and other ethnicities.
  • Hair color: you need to choose from the options your hair color.
  • Eye color: you are required to choose your eye color.
  • Marital status: you have to state whether you are single, married, divorced, among other relationships.
  • Kids: you either choose if you have kids, staying with them, etc., and also if you would like to have some more.
  • Religion: you are required to state your faith and the number of times you attend services.
  • Level of education: you need to provide your school level.
  • Occupation: you are required to provide your current job and estimates of your income.
  • Diet: the food you eat.
  • How often you engage in physical activities.
  • Social habits which include smoking and drinking.
  • Languages you can speak and write.
  • Photo: you can either upload one or connect with your Facebook account. You can upload a maximum of 40 photos.
  • Headline: you need to provide a catchy headline for this section.
  • Other information: this is a tab where you can provide other additional information.

After providing all these details, your profile goes through the committee, whereby it will be reviewed before being released for use.

You can also register your mobile phone number to receive text messages when someone likes you or sends you a message.

Matching & Communicating

Matching & Communicating

After having an account, you can select profiles you would like to match using the search option. You can search users according to their username, distance, the newest members, new login, and youngest or oldest first.

After getting your preferred matches, you can save their profiles and send emails. To show interest, you can send them an instant message. All these features, except the show interest feature, are functional on premium accounts.

Audience and Activities on Fitness Singles

Currently, the Fitness singles dating website has over 2 million members. These members are from different age groups and come from various regions in the world. They also belong to different ethnicities and different religious groups.

Users Age

Users Age

Singles Fitness is an adult dating website. Members on this site are individuals who have surpassed the minimum age of 18 years. Most of its users are mature individuals who age 50 years of age.

However, you can find members as young as 18 years and also the youths who are seeking their preferred dating partners. You can search for your preferred partner using the age search filter.

Sexual Preferences

This dating platform accepts all types of sexual orientations. While registering, you can choose your gender and your preferred gender, which determines your kind of sexual orientation. You can find straight members, gays, lesbians, and other LGBTQ community. However, the website does not have a couples feature. It only accommodates singles.

Race and Ethnicity

Fitness Singles dating website accepts users from different regions in the world. You can find individuals from Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and Northern America, among other continents.

This means you can find all races, including Black Americans, Blacks, Asians, Europeans, and other ethnicities, using this site. It accepts all individuals who are looking for their like-minded fitness partners.

Religious Views

This site is composed of members of various religious groups, having members from different regions. You can find Christians, Muslims, Pagans, Hindus, Atheists, and other religious groups.

Fitness Singles Dating Website Features

Fitness Singles Dating Website Features

There are several features available on this site that members can use to get their preferred partners. Some of these features can be used on basic accounts, while others need a subscription. These features enable this website to function well and effectively carry its duties as a dating platform.

Some of these features include the ones below:

  • Email: This is the communication feature that enables users to send messages to each other while on this website. Also known as messaging, this feature is only available to users on paid accounts.
  • Instant Messaging: This is also a premium feature, whereby members can send to each other preset messages to create attention. Instant messages are not detailed, and their primary duty is to show other users you are interested in them.
  • Who’s new: this feature highlights members who have just joined the platform. You can also use this as a search filter to find the new members.
  • Who’s online: This feature represents members who have logged in and are ready to chat with their preferred matches.
  • Matches: this represents profiles you have connected. Once a profile you liked, likes you back, it becomes a match. Matches are stored in this section.
  • Connection: this feature represents members who have viewed your profile. You can sort them by who is new and online, among other segments on this feature.
  • Top 25: This feature gives the top 25 popular profiles on this website. To become the top 25, you need to have your profile viewed most by other members of this platform. You can sort the top 25 by gender, category, or by their age.
  • Show Interest: this looks like a like or swipes feature. You can visit someone’s profile and click to show interest. Once they accept your proposal, you can message each other to create a conversation.
FitnessSingles Safety & Security

FitnessSingles Safety & Security

Fitness Singles platform has put several security features to secure users’ data and their accounts while on this website.

First, before your account becomes active, it passes through a committee which verifies it within 24 hours. The website admins also confirm photos before other individuals can see them in your profile. Members can also block and report suspicious accounts on their profiles.

There is also a detailed privacy policy, which gives details on how the website secures its user’s data. The privacy policy states as below:

  • The information it collects and use.
  • Cookies
  • Your ability to edit and delete your account information and preferences
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Changes to privacy
  • Contact details

Members are requested to read this policy to see how their data is handled and how to contact the platform.

Is Fitness Singles a Legit or Scam Service?

Fitness singles is a legit dating platform owned by e-Unity Corp, a registered company based in New York City. All its features and use are legit and guaranteed. The website also does verification on all profiles before they approve them to be used within the platform.

There are also contact details and physical address where members can follow up and submit issues, suggestions, or opinions. As an online platform, users are advised to take precautions when chatting and interacting with other users of this and other dating platforms since they do not conduct background checks of its members.

FitnessSingles Subscription Types and Price

FitnessSingles Subscription Types and Price

Fitness Singles has two types of accounts for its members:

  • Free membership
  • Paid Membership

Free Membership

Also known as basic accounts, the free membership is the free account users get after they have registered their accounts on this platform. These accounts do not have subscriptions but offer limited functions to its users.

Members on these accounts enjoy the below benefits:

  • Registration, editing, and provision of profile details
  • Free search options: members of these accounts enjoy complimentary use of the basic search filters.
  • Members on these free accounts can browse and match with other profiles on this platform.
  • Saving of profiles: users can like and save their preferred matches into their profiles for future follow up.
  • To access other features of this platform, you are required to upgrade your primary account to a paid membership.

These are the premium accounts of the Fitness Singles dating platform. These accounts come at a fee and provide all features of this dating website, including the advanced features. Some of its benefits include:

  • Messaging: users on these accounts can send and receive messages from their matches on this site.
  • Instant messaging: users on these accounts can send instant messages as icebreakers.
  • Photos: they can hide their photos and turn them into private while on these premium accounts.
  • Advanced search filters: members on paid accounts enjoy other advanced search filters as provided by the website.

You are required to make payments for your account to be upgraded to a premium. These payments, also known as subscriptions, come in packages. Users can subscribe to their preferred package, depending on how long they would want to be on paid membership. These subscription packages are classified as below:

  • One-month subscription package at $39.99, payable monthly
  • Three-month subscription package at $65.97, payable quarterly. Saves 45%
  • Six-month subscription package at $89.94, paid half-yearly. Saves 63%.
  • One-year subscription package at $119.88, paid yearly. Saves 75%

This means the more subscription you pay, the more you save on costs. These subscriptions are always auto-renewed a day before their expiry date. To cancel this renewal, you are required to turn off the auto-renewal feature 48 hours before the due date.

Website Design and Usability

Fitness Singles dating website is straightforward to use. It is well-designed, with a modern design, which makes navigation easier while on it. All of its features are placed at the top, which can be accessed with a single click. They are not hidden with other tabs.

Its light gray and red color make it to have an appealing interface. All of its features are easily accessible and fast to use. Anyone can use them as they do not require expertise.

Mobile Application

There is no mobile application for this website. All of its features, registration, matching, and communication, are done via the website. The website can be accessed on both mobile and desktop browsers.

Contact Information

Company: Fitness Singles, e-Unity Corp

Address: 125 Pine St. Hamburg, New York

Phone: 1800-252-0044

Email: Photo@FitnessSingles.com

Final Thoughts

Fitness Singles is one of the largest dating websites to fit single members who are looking for their like-minded partners for romance, love, and relationships. It is an excellent website since it’s easy to use, with non-complicated features. Its registration process is fast and detailed, enabling members to know each other well before they actually meet.

With over 2 million members and rising, this site is well suited for those who like to keep fit and require dating partners. However, some features need an upgrade. They need to design modern communication features and also introduce mobile apps. Go give it a try!

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