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Feeld Review

Feeld Review
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A diverse range of sexual options
  • Non-discriminatory and embracing ethos
  • Rigorous authentication process
  • Strong emphasis on member privacy
  • Limited features for free members
  • Few choices of partner outside of high-density member areas
  • Basic profile information

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With the increasing awareness and acceptance of sexuality outside of heterosexuality, more and more dating platforms cater to this new age of sexual fluidity. One of them, Feeld, aspires to provide a non-discriminatory and open platform for people to explore their sexuality.

In keeping with our digital age of erasing boundaries and experimentation, Feeld is on the cutting edge of a society that shrugs off its religious oppressions and embraces their sexuality without restrictions. They provide a new terminology for how people view their sexuality, in all its diversity. According to Feeld, each person may see their individual sexuality on their terms.

It offers its users who come here for exploration as a group or as a single to be specific like never before. Their motto is ‘Discover the Undiscovered,’ and this site will open your mind.

How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

Feeld is a dating platform aimed at opening opportunities to broaden its members’ sexual horizons. Ethical non-monogamy is a catchphrase that this site often uses to distinguish positive and consensual experimentation from its nastier cousin, adultery.

Primarily adapted to engage couples in search for partner/s, Feeld embraces many other sexual preferences under its banner. Feeld uses a mobile phone location to present users with potential matches. Beyond some basic filters, like age and distance, Feeld uses specific personalized sexuality preference lists to match their members.

Sign-Up And Login Process

Registration on Feeld is a fairly straightforward process if you can get past the mind-boggling list of sexual orientations and identifications. To register on this site, you should link your Google or Facebook account and your mobile phone number. This verification process is simple, and one merely provides the code sent to their email or mobile number.

Once you have chosen your sexual identification and orientation, you are pretty well on your way to discover the undiscovered. If you are not familiar with some new terminologies of millennial sexuality, it may take you just a bit longer.

You can flesh out your profile with the ‘About me,’ ‘Desires,’ and ‘Interests’ sections. It is always advised to utilize your full profile’s capacity to express just who you are as an individual. The more you reveal about yourself, the closer you are to finding a compatible match.

It is interesting that this app presents you with their terms and conditions before you register your account. They are clear on their non-bias regulations and their anti-nudity policy. It is also a refreshing way to hit home with their non-discrimination and anti-bias policy right at the get-go.

This app uses your mobile location to offer profiles of other singles (or thrupples).

Profile Interface

Feeld caters towards sexual experimentation and sex-positive hookups, so they limit the profile information. You can complement some basics filled out in your profile by completing the ‘About Me’ and ‘Interests’ sections.

The ‘Desires’ section gets nitty-gritty about what kind of specific action you are into. As primarily a sex hookup site, they base matches on sexual preferences and not on exhaustive character profiling. They use no algorithm-based personality matching and rely on full sexual compatibility to provide members with events.

The site’s reasonably rigorous authentication protects its users somewhat from scammers and bots, but it is a far cry from some other sites’ verification regulations. Still, user reviews do not chant the perils of fake profiles on this platform, as much as they seem to on more mainstream platforms.

Feeld presents profiles of matching users in single increments, and so it is a refreshing change from those cramped grid formations so often found on dating sites. The profiles reveal a user’s photo and prominently display their personal information.


A precise registration form gives a detailed options list regarding your specific field of sexual interest, which eliminates a lot of trouble in choosing a partner/s. This site’s particular focus is on people exploring sexual gratification, and so the sign-up process is very much streamlined in that direction.

Once you have found your transhuman squeeze/s, you choose the heart icon and wait for their response. If the thrupple thinks you are the business, they will express a mutual like. The message icon then opens up, and you are ready to settle down the deets. Free members can also access messaging without a subscription.

You can use a ‘Ping’ which doesn’t only connect you with your polyamorous two-spirit dreamboat but bumps up your profile so that the person/s see your beautiful mug first. Free users get two Pings upfront. Otherwise, you will have to pay for those useful little gizmos.

If you are a Majestic member, you can use an advanced filter system based on ‘Desires,’ which only presents you with members that match your desire list. Majestic members are contributors to this site that pay a more substantial amount than Premium users.

Because of its threesome nature, Feeld provides the possibility of group chats online, (so you can oversee what your spouse is planning for some pegging on your sexy weekend).

There are no cutie-pie games – so ubiquitous on modern dating apps – to play here probably because users want to get their kink on with minimum fuss. Let the hetero sites distract with their silly games, ‘Discovering the undiscovered’ is serious business, apparently.

Members Structure And Activities

Members Structure And Activities

Feeld boasts an impressive 2 million users in the USA alone. They claim over 600 matches hourly and a staggering 3 million messages a month. For such a gender-fluid site, it is surprising that most Feeld members are heterosexual. Couples seeking a partner/s occupy over half of the Feeld membership list, and an extensive amount of these couples identify as bi-curious.

However, you still have 21 flavors of what turns you on to choose from and everything in-between. Who knew this world had so many kinds of sexual self-identification on offer?

Users Age

According to Feeld, the age group between 26 and 32 years dominates its demographic, and the larger city centers logically hold the highest density of Feeld members. We found the most significant number of Feeld users in New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro.

Because of its cosmopolitan nature, the app is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Sexual Preferences

If you feel it, this site will provide. Feeld must have some of the most extensive sexual identifications and preferences out there. With 21 options to identify yourself, two dozen sexual preferences for singles, couples, and more, Feeld doesn’t only let you play the field but allows you to choose the sport.

Race And Ethnicity

Feeld is an extremely liberal and open-minded dating platform. It was inspirational to find no racial optioning at all in the registration process. There are various ethnicities in each profile’s matches with an equal number of Caucasians to non-Caucasians.

A prominent post on the Feeld site states that they ‘stand in solidarity with the black community’ and are against racism and racial oppression.

Religious Orientation

Feeld does not refer to religious orientation but takes a firm stance on discriminatory behavior on their site. Each match profile has a flag placed in a prominent place, to isolate any inappropriate behavior immediately.

Feeld Dating Website Features

Feeld Dating Website Features

Free membership entitles users to a rudimentary search filter of up to 400 km and an age range of 18 to 70+. Feeld offers you couples’ and singles’ profiles in your area, which you can choose according to your preference.

Once named 3nrd before Tinder got litigious, Feeld is a dating app geared towards open relationships. After this app got renamed, it extended the threesome genre to include options such as polygamous, bisexual, and other spicy add-ins.

Best yet? This app gives options for how a user identifies. It runs on like a seafront ice cream flavor menu. From intersex and two-spirit, users can choose their identity through to transhuman. With 21 choices of sexual identity, one’s mind boggles at the site’s ‘Other’ option!

The searching process is primarily sexuality-based, so there are no distracting filters like whether you prefer cats or dogs or like slow walks in margarita rains during sunset. However, you have a lot to choose from. It is like an education on the ins and outs (and vertical/horizontal) of the byways of mainstream sexuality.

For instance, your first match is a hirsute cutie by the name of Evan. He is into pegging, and it seems he likes shorties to put on heels and a strap on and well bend him and send him a ping. Yes, a Ping. You, in turn, are terrible in heels and not entirely sure you could pull this off. Maybe your next match will let you wear flats?

Feeld website also offers an in-house blog that provides a Feeld ethos-oriented view of social happenings in our world. From ‘How to explore your sexuality in self-isolation’ to ‘Staying at Home, Remote Trios and Fantasy Bunker’ – Feeld delivers its rule news straight from the hip. In the Feeld community, you have options of blog-style feeds that are current and informative to the Feeld style followers.

Safety And Security

Safety And Security

Feeld reduces exposure to scammers, bots, and fake profiles by linking your Facebook and Google accounts to your registration.

They follow the standard protocol for protecting your personal information and aim to make their site available to people who open and share their interests with like-minded members. They do not require those fearful of revealing their identity to show their profile picture to register. But mind that people who do not show their faces get ignored by other members.

Although this site uses your Facebook profile, they ensure that it makes you invisible to members of your Facebook community. Actual names are also unnecessary to communicate on the Feeld app.

Is Feeld Legit Or Scam Service?

Feeld launched under its original name 3ndr in the UK, 2014. They followed this up by their American launch in 2015. By 2016, this app had passed 1.6 million downloads and went through a major update in 2017.

Bulgarian tech brand designer Dimo Trifonov founded Feeld, and his company Feeld Ltd runs the development of this platform from its London base. So, it is definitively legitimate with an established track record.

Subscription Types And Price

Subscription Types And Price

Feeld offers free membership and the choice of a Majestic Membership. The prices of this dating platform compare favorably with other dating sites and occupy the average price range spectrum.

Free Membership

Non-paying members are limited in some features. Yet, they can:

  • Access to basic search filters
  • View member profile photos
  • Get two free Pings
  • Basic messaging free

A premium subscription, or so-called Majestic Membership, gives one an opportunity to:

  • Use of incognito mode
  • Access extra privacy filters
  • Utilize the Dawn theme that is to use Feeld in low light mode
  • Get one free Ping per day
  • See where your match was last online
  • Filter matches by ‘Desires’

Given that Feeld provides its members with the security they deserve and allow them to use unmatched features, we can say that their prices are more than affordable. They come as follows:

  • One-month Majestic Membership costs $11.99
  • Three-month Majestic Membership total cost is $23.99, which is only $8.00 per month
Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

The Feeld website comes across a little cheesy, with its orange-hued silhouettes of hands and legs. With all the advances in website design, it comes across as a little old-fashioned.

We have come across an unusually prominent photograph of a lady’s fingernails around her calf with the caption’ Self-love and Pleasure’ beneath it in one of the latest blog posts. As we can conclude, this is a type of picture Feeld chooses for its publications. Well, tastes differ, but this is their domain, so who are we to judge? After all, they have created the Desires section of the Majestic Membership to give everyone what they wish for.

Their website is just a portal to the Android and iOS downloads, so we can’t really fault them for being a little lackluster. Even though this website leaves much to be desired.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The design of the Feeld app is a definite step up from the old-fashioned website. It is uncluttered and easy to navigate, even for those who are not tech-savvy. There is no desktop version of this service, but their app is available for free download for both Android and iOS devices.

Google Play gives the app a disappointing 2.4 out of 5 stars out of over 7,000 ratings. Most complaints are about glitches on the Android app.

AppStore gave a much better star rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars with over 10 thousand ratings, so it seems the developers have some work to do yet on their Android app.

They lay the app out in a clear and orderly manner, and its minimalist design lends itself to the Feeld ethos, which is to get your ethical non-monogamy on. The streamlining lends itself to communication and taking the chat to the actual world where your matches will fulfill all your Majestic Desires.

The single-view profiles ensure that each match gets your attention. Such a solution is a definite relief after so many dating apps bombarding a user with an endless barrage of potential matches. This app seems entirely geared towards finding an opportunity to explore one’s sexuality.

Like any other popular app, Feeld is being upgraded regularly. However, people whose devices don’t support the latest version can remain a part of this community, because older versions still work.

Contact Information

company: Feeld Ltd.

address: 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

phone: n/a

e-mail: support@Feeld.com



Although an average person who is into vanilla sex would expect Feeld to be slightly risqué, the app comes across as upmarket and clean. There is no irritating nudity and gadgets upfront, and the general impression is that of a clean and well-run dating app.

Using the Feeld app will educate you in a mind-boggling plethora of new-age sexual identities and preferences. It is fantastic to see how the field of sexuality has become so nuanced and individual.

All matches are attractive and clean looking. Singles’ and couples’ lack of fear in showing their sunny smiles is impressive. With over 2 million members, who is to say what mainstream sexuality is anymore! This app sure beats choosing car keys at a potluck to see whose sweaty husband will be your stud for the night.

In a society cut loose from religious oppressions, people embrace their unique expression of their sexual needs. Feeld is one site that provides a safe and nurturing environment to people and couples who want to explore their sexual freedom without any judgment and heterosexual bias of society.

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