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FarmersOnly Review

FarmersOnly Review
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Since messaging is not free on the platform, FarmersOnly attracts only singles who are serious about getting into a lasting relationship.
  • The site provides an opportunity for singles who either live or wish to live 'the country life' and find true love.
  • FarmersOnly has a good and effective marketing system.
  • The site has a balanced gender distribution.
  • You can find singles of different age grades on FarmersOnly, so matchmaking is not so much of a difficult task.
  • It has a super fast and easy signup process.
  • The payment requirement for messaging makes the site a little difficult to enjoy.
  • Like on many other niche dating sites out there, finding singles in your area is usually not a walk in the park.
  • Compared with other sites, such as Match.com, that require a paid subscription, FarmersOnly has much fewer features, and it feels a bit old-fashioned.
  • Only users who subscribe for paid membership are allowed to communicate via email.

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FarmersOnly is a unique dating site for ranchers, farmers, and country life lovers who are ready to hook up or probably, fall in love. You may have seen some very funny commercials on the site or something that looks like that. Still, frankly, FarmersOnly is nothing close to being a joke—it was specifically designed to connect singles in rural areas and help them find suitable partners.

If you’ve ever lived in such areas where the density of population is excessively low, then you’d understand the struggle of meeting new people better.

Launched in 2005 by Jerry Miller, this website seeks to break the relationship jinx common among farmers and ranchers living in isolated regions. It currently has a member base of about six million users. Even though that doesn’t seem quite as much as what you’d have with sites like PlentyOfFish and Match.com, it is some great achievement for a more specific match-making platform.

FarmersOnly caters particularly to the dating needs of people who prefer ‘wide open spaces and blue skies’ to the ‘high heels, blue suits, and taxi cabs’ lifestyle of city-dwellers. This is possibly the tagline’s inspiration, ‘City folks just don’t get it!’

Now, you might be wondering how this ‘farmers’ site’ is a dating platform you should dive into. Wonder no more! All you need to know is right here in our FarmersOnly review; keep scrolling!

How does it work?

How does it work?

FarmersOnly may not be the right dating site for those who detest having multiple email notifications. The site is known to welcome daters with a series of alerts. But you can manage them if you need.

To do so, click on ‘Account settings’ on the left-hand menu of the site after completing the registration process. Then, select ‘Email preferences’ to make the necessary adjustment.

You can uncheck all the scenarios you do not wish to get an email for and then ‘save’ to finish the process.

To find local singles of FarmersOnly, you can either browse profiles by checking for ‘Who’s Online,’ making use of the filters available in the ‘Member Search’ field, or riffing through profiles that match your requirements for both age and distance in the ‘Discover’ section.

If you’re using the site as a premium member, you can see other users who visited your profile and those who liked it. And like in Tinder, FarmersOnly ‘Discover’ feature allows users to ‘pass’ or ‘like’ other people based on their primary photo. All you need to do is hit the ‘info’ button and check out the members’ full profile. If you like what you see, you click on ‘like’; and if you don’t, you ‘pass.’

By purchasing a FarmersOnly subscription, you can send messages to other users by clicking on the ‘conversation’ option. If you do not want to ruin your chances at finding a life partner, you should ensure to initiate serious, thought-provoking conversations with whoever you are hitting up for the first time.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

FarmersOnly is one of those dating sites with an extremely easy process of registration. For a fact, you don’t have to be a tech pro to get started on the platform. What matters is you can answer some simple, basic questions necessary for profile set-up, and, of course, you have what it takes to enter into a serious lasting relationship.

To sign up, you’d have to provide details like your age, zip code, and email address. You’ll also be required to select your choices and make your dating preferences known on the platform. And then, FarmersOnly proceeds to generate a username and password automatically for you.

Your username can appear in any of these formats: farmer-, cowboy-, or cowgirl- followed by numbers generated by the site, and it can be changed later if the need arises. You can as well decide to alter your password or change it completely to something new.

While usernames can only be modified once, passwords can be altered at any moment. Just be sure not to use a password that’s hard to remember—the hassle of remembering a forgotten password can make a man lose his mind.

Profile Interface

Profile details on FarmersOnly are only added after signup. In other words, you cannot have your profile set without finishing the process of registration.

If you will, you may hide your profile from public view making it invisible to other members on the platform. Once you do, your profile will cease to appear in search results, and you may be logged out of your account without permission.

FarmersOnly Profile Set-up allows users to upload as many pictures as possible via the website or through emails. The emailing system is not as difficult as it might seem, but it takes a much longer period than the usual site-upload method.


Communication on FarmersOnly requires that you part with some cash. You can only send and receive messages if you sign up for a premium membership. As a free user, the best you can do, when it comes to communication, is send ‘Flirts’ to members worldwide.

Matching is extremely limited for singles that opt for a free membership on FarmersOnly. If you are ever going to find that serious relationship you are looking for, you must upgrade to ‘Gold Status.’ Among other things, upgrading your FarmersOnly account allows you to receive and reply to messages.

From messaging to blocking further conversation with other users, there are quite many perks you enjoy from being a premium member on this site. So if you wish to make the best match and find a partner to stick with you for keeps, you should go for a paid membership.

Member structure and activitie

Member structure and activities

A good number of visitors of FarmersOnly are based in the United States. Others are either from the United Kingdom or Canada. Regardless, the site is very much open to farmers, cowboys, and cowgirls worldwide who are actively looking for a serious relationship.

With close to 4.5 million USA members and around 103 950 people using the site actively every week, FarmersOnly boasts over a hundred thousand monthly new visitors globally. And while it seems like the platform has an even gender balance, there are many more active male users than females. What’s more, the majority of users fall in the 24 to 34 age grade.

Of course, FarmersOnly accommodates users from different age ranges, but you must be at least 18 years old to set up an account for yourself.

Users age

Being a site with a wide range of ages, FarmersOnly has users from 18 years old to 55 years old, and more. But most of the active members you’ll find online are between 25 to 34 years old.

The 55 and above-age grade has the least number of users on the platform, and there are almost as many members in the 18 to 25 age category as there are in the 25 to 34. Members from ages 35 to 44 are also close to those from the 45 to 54 age category in number.

But in all, FarmersOnly has quite a lot more male users than female. This is probably because men in rural areas are presumed to be more interested in serious dating than females.

Sexual Preferences

For some typical reasons, FarmersOnly has many more male users than female. But this is not to imply that the platform favors men’s participation—all users are welcomed with open arms. The site allows for gay partnerships, so it doesn’t matter whether you are gay or straight.

FarmersOnly has no restrictions as per sexual preferences. It disallows members harassing other members who possibly have a different sexual orientation from theirs. If you are gay, flock with gay daters on the platform. If you are straight, good for you—there are millions of straight users looking for intimate connections on FarmersOnly. You only need to shoot your shot the right way and in the right direction.

Members who delight in bugging others with a different sexual preference are either warned or given a straight red card.

Race and Ethnicity

Though FarmersOnly is designed specifically for those living in the ‘flyover country,’ as a dating site, it has no prejudice for a race or ethnic group. In essence, the site is open to singles from every part of the world. What matters is you are a farmer, rancher, cowboy, or cowgirl, and you are seriously looking for a lasting relationship.

Religious Orientation

As in the case of sexual preferences and race and ethnicity, FarmersOnly favors no particular set of users over the others. People from all kinds of religious backgrounds are allowed to use the site. The best thing to do if you’re not comfortable with a user’s background or religious views is to move or ‘block further conversations’ with them. Never will FarmersOnly condone religious fanaticism in any form whatsoever.

FarmersOnly dating website features

FarmersOnly dating website features

Below are some of the amazing features you can enjoy on the FarmersOnly dating website; check them out!

FarmersOnly Store

Here’s where you can purchase as many customized merchandise as you will. They all come in different styles and with different designs like the FarmersOnly tagline ‘City folks just don’t get it!’ and other catchphrases such as ‘No truck, no luck.’

You can also buy products like mugs, t-shirts, and framed posters from FarmersOnly Store. No, they do not cost so much, but you’d have to part with some cash.


The ‘FarmPhone’ feature on FarmersOnly allows users to get high on other features using a texting service. How does this work? You drop your phone number during registration, and every single message you get on the platform will be sent directly to your phone as a text message. Cool right? That’s not all! You can reply to messages on FarmersOnly and block users you are not interested in via SMS.

But then, there’s a kicker, and here is it: only users who subscribe for a premium membership on FarmersOnly are allowed to use the texting service. Now that you know the catch, you may want to upgrade your membership instantly.


The ‘discover’ feature allows you to show your likeness or dislike for other users’ photos by clicking on ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down.’ You can also see who likes your photo in the ‘Who likes me?’ field.

Safety and security

Safety and security

Safety and security on FarmersOnly is a sure bet, though it is difficult to boast a 100% guarantee. Like every other dating platform, FarmersOnly may be prone to scamming and double-dealing (it is open to all, so this shouldn’t come as much surprise). You should make sure to keep your password from public view and take all other necessary measures for safety.

In all, you need not worry about the protection of your data and other personal details provided during registration. FarmersOnly employs the use of modernized technologies to fight against hacking.

Is FarmersOnly legit or scam service?

FarmersOnly is no scam service. It is legit. As you may have observed, the platform takes scammers seriously, and they do everything to fish out anyone caught in the act.

To keep scammers off from the site, FarmersOnly uses various tools and technologies; they also employ some proprietary methods that are not disclosed for security reasons.

Subscription types and price

Duration Price Total
One month subscription 21.95 USD/month 21.95 USD
Three months subscription 13.32 USD per month 39.96 USD
Six months subscription 10.99 USD per month 65.94 USD

  • One month subscription: 9.99 USD
  • One month subscription: 4.95 USD

Free Membership

Using free membership on FarmersOnly limits your use of the site’s features. Still, you can enjoy all of the following services without cost:

  • Creation of a profile
  • Searching and browsing through members’ profiles
  • Viewing other users’ photos
  • Sending Flirts to other members

If you are ever going to make the most of your stay on FarmersOnly, you should opt for a paid membership. Unlike free membership, this arrangement allows you to access every single feature on the site, and you can easily meet with the love of your life within weeks.

Some of the fee-based services FarmersOnly offers are:

  • Sending and receiving unlimited messages
  • Seeing FarmersOnly members who send you ‘Flirts’
  • Blocking users you no longer find interesting
  • Upload as many photos on your profile as you will

Website design and usability

FarmersOnly’s website design is quite simple and sleek. You can easily navigate the site without knowing a thing about dating—it is that easy! Once you get to the page, you’ll find attractive layouts that would make you fall in love instantly. And in a matter of seconds, you can get started on the platform.

Mobile Application

The mobile app version of FarmersOnly is available on both the App Store and Google Playstore. The app works pretty well, and it just as simple as the website. With just a few swipes and clicks, plenty of interesting people will be right within your reach.

Contact information

  • Company: FarmersOnly
  • Address: 30799 Pinetree Road, #212 Pepper Pike, OH 44124
  • Phone: (888) 755 9655
  • Email: contact@farmersonly.com


Finding a serious relationship is one of the most difficult things to do these days. Our FarmersOnly review has proven, beyond every reasonable doubt, that the platform is a messiah for those who are having a hard time locating true love. All you need do is sign up and get started, and you’ll soon have someone to share your dreams with.

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