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CatholicMatch Review

CatholicMatch Review
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 20-55+
Profiles 950 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A large member base who are strictly Catholic
  • The websites promise users that if they don't get a match in six months, they will be provided with an additional six months of subscription
  • The CatholicMatch account can be verified via Facebook.
  • CatholicMatch dating app is soon to be made available for Android and iOS phones.
  • There are many positive reviews from current and past members.
  • Messaging services are provided for premium members only.
  • It’s not possible to tell whether a member is on the premium or free subscription
  • Matches happen after other users have filled the questionnaire.
  • The website does not serve a particular niche, and you need to do an extensive search to get a suitable match.

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Are you a Catholic follower, and you seek a committed partner who is religious and has ethical, moral values? Finding the right partner who is catholic is a cumbersome process, but CatholicMatch is a good fit for someone with principles. You might be looking for a serious relationship that is bound by Catholic values, so read on.

This website is popular worldwide among Catholic followers and is present in the US and most countries in South America. The site boasts of a huge member base, and this makes it perfect for everyone who is a catholic.

CatholicMatch Review

Importantly, the platform is ideal for sharing religious values and activities while also a robust site to seek for a serious partner. Seeking marriage on a dating site that is affiliated to a religion is a wise choice as it helps find like-minded people.

All this sounds pretty convincing, but is CatholicMatch the right matchmaking platform for you? To get to the bottom of this, here’s this unique and well researched CatholicMatch review. All information is correct and updated with the current details. Continue reading it further to everything you need to know and aspects about the CatholicMatch dating site. It’s free, and you have nothing to lose by reading it.

How Does It Works ?

First, you need to register and create a unique profile that will represent your identity on the site. The registration process is easy and straightforward to achieve. After signing up, you can proceed to search and find suitable matches.

All features that make it possible to enjoy the website services are provided on the official page of the site. Messaging and connecting with a suitable Catholic match is a sure thing for all people acquainted with CatholicMatch.com.

CatholicMatch Review

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up with CatholicMatch is a simple and straightforward process. Many questions are required to be answered to make the matching process easy and ideal for everyone. The sign-up process takes an average of 30 minutes to complete, and all questions are simple.

Users can register through the official website of CatholicMatch.com. An e-mail or a Facebook profile is also another good way that you can use to get acquainted with the matchmaking site. All fields are mandatory.

Next is to create a personalized profile that is unique to each member. Importantly, make a good description of your personality, interests, likes, and other aspects. Remember to upload clear and vivid images to reveal your identity.

The website requires you to create a username and a strong password that you should keep to yourself only. To log in, just provide this info, and you are set to start an endless search for a suitable partner.

CatholicMatch Review

Profile Interface

The profile interface is an important aspect that ensures you are successful on the site. The more thorough you fill it, the higher the chances of success. Other members view your profile to get info about your personality and traits.

Nice profiles with detailed info and beautiful uploaded pictures have a higher chance of getting matched with suitable Catholic partners. The profile interface for this site could be improved though—to ensure users are served much better. The inability to recognize premium and free users is a vital aspect CatholicMatch profiles lack.

All in all, the profile interface for this site provides users with all info about likes, interests, and other life activities. By using a well readable font, the site has made it possible for users’ to read all insights availed on the profile interface with ease—it is user-friendly and straightforward to use.

CatholicMatch Review


Matches are made using the information you provide in the sign-up process. Also, info about your profile helps the platform to match users with suitable people that share similar features and interests.

Once the site has matched a user with a potential partner, it’s time communication is unleashed to connect them more. CatholicMatch has a robust chat tool that users can use to send inspiring and love messages. If a suitable partner likes you, he or she will send a message in reply.

Also, users are provided with a community-based chat room. Chat rooms are essential and help connect you with other members while giving time to know more about the platform.

Users can message other matches using smartphones, and they work similarly to the desktop. A mobile app for the site is yet to be provided. It will be beneficial to all members, especially those who lack a PC. Premium users have an unlimited chat ability while free members are restricted from sending chats.

CatholicMatch Review

Member Structure & Activities

CatholicMatch.com has a vast member base, and the male and female genders are evenly represented. It’s mostly sought by senior citizens with a fair share slice of young members also being represented.

This website is suited for people affiliated to the Catholic religion and seek for straight relationships. Importantly, users are provided with a one-of-a-kind platform where they can improve their religious values. To get more about the structure and activities ensued on the platform, here is a detailed analysis of its membership structure.

CatholicMatch Review

Users Age

The majority of users who use CatholicMatch.com are 55+ years and are seeking religious ties and relationships that could lead to marriage. They are followed closely by people in the age bracket of 25 to 34. If you like the site, you will find countless profiles of people of different ages. As such, there is always someone of your age liking to connect with.

Sexual Preferences

CatholicMatch is designed for straight people and works to make it possible for users to fulfill their marriage. As such, users acquainted with the site are looking for a relationship that could lead to marriage. The channel is also ideal for people searching for friendship ties that could maybe lead to dating.

Race and Ethnicity

The website has a massive following of users from the US, Canada, and most of the South American countries, which are multi-racial countries. Whether you are Black, White, or Indian, the website is free for people of all races to register. You only need to be a Catholic to be registered on the platform.

CatholicMatch Review

Religious Orientation

The website is suited and caters to people who are Catholics. This does not mean strict Catholics but for people who follow the doctrine and its teachings. The site has countless Catholic members and is an excellent platform for improving their religious life aspects.

CatholicMatch’s Dating Website Features

CatholicMatch provides users with a unique experience that is geared to improve their religious values and match them with suitable people. The platform has availed different features on its page. Importantly, these features make it easy for users to register and articulate various activities. Here are crucial features that give all users a one-of-a-kind online matchmaking experience.

The Matching System

The matching system for CatholicMatch works by leveraging the questions answered during the sign-up process. Your likes and interests also are used to connect and match you with suitable members.

Importantly, the platform notifies you about people who have viewed or liked your profile. Images play a vocal point to get more matches. Ensure your profile has nice and vivid images to attract massive traffic. The CatholicMatch service provider has three features that make the match process exciting and effective.

  • Match Portrait: This feature compares the answers you have provided with those of your suitable partner.
  • Personal Interview: Members can create questions that will be availed to other members alike. Answers provided are to be used in the match process.
  • Temperament Test: This features analyses your traits and activities to match you with suitable people on CatholicMatch.

The Search Feature

The search feature for Catholic Match is highly versatile and easy to use. Users are provided with an exceptional search ability to seek suitable partners. Advanced search features give users the ability to search for people with specific traits.

You can filter endlessly by using physical features, age, gender, and even how recently a suitable partner joined the site. Everything you need can be reached using the site’s search feature. Importantly, the search feature takes seconds to avail of the desired results. It’s worth every minute spent to search for people of your liking and interests.

CatholicMatch Review

Safety & Security

The website has a clear and well-detailed safety and security policy. This part helps users to get first-hand information about how the website protects its members. The site is average in security and safety—this though, should not deter you from joining the platform. Almost all matchmaking sites reviewed before are average in terms of security afforded to members.

The website protects users by using a sophisticated security technology to store info in a secure database. Importantly, it does not share your info with third parties. The presence of fake profiles is a significant concern encountered on the website. Fake profiles are not that worrying but can be a nuisance and disappointing to serious online dating enthusiasts.

Profiles are reviewed and scrutinized regularly to detect all fake and scam-related profiles. Users are urged to report any suspicious accounts to protect themselves and other innocent users. Reported profiles are investigated, and if they are not legit, they can be terminated.

Is CatholicMatch A Legit or Scam Service?

The site is an ideal dating site for everyone who is Catholic. The site has garnered positive reviews that show its effectiveness in matching members. The website is geared towards providing a religious platform or channel where people can improve their religious life aspects and meet people who want to settle down. If you are Catholic and want to have a serious relationship, CatholicMatch is a robust choice for you to try.

Subscription Types and Price

CatholicMatch.com offers all members a free membership plan that does not cost a penny. Users with this plan get to register and view suitable matches. To get all website features, users are required to become premium members.

Paid members have an added advantage of getting all website features and can message suitable matches with convenience. The premium package is suited for serious members who seek for a serious match connection.

Free Membership

The free membership plan allows members to get acquainted with basic features about the site and view other members. This subscription is free, and users are afforded a free registration process.

Special Features

  • Creating a personalized user profile
  • Search for other members and view their profiles
  • Participate in the match process.
  • Ability to read forum blogs.
  • See members who have viewed your profile.
  • It is limited—like the ability to see 3 profiles a day.

Pricing Plans

The free membership subscription is free of charge, and users need not pay any money.

CatholicMatch Review

The paid subscription makes you a premium member. You get all services afforded to free members and additional features that make it possible for you to search for suitable people.

Special Features

  • Post and comment on the blog forum
  • Accessibility to private messaging and chat rooms.
  • Chat reader indicator that notifies you when other members read your messages.
  • Ability to snooze your profile
  • Additional customer care assistance
  • Unlimited ability to like profiles
  • See people who have liked you
  • Everything that free members have
  • Unlimited ability to send messages.
  • Discounted renewal rates for members with three and 6-month subscription plans.

Pricing Plans

  • 1 month subscription for $29.95
  • 3 months subscription for $19.95 per month ($59.85 total)
  • 6 months subscription for $12.49 per month ($74.95 total)

Website Usability & Design

The designers of the CatholicMatch website have created a user-friendly and modern design. The official page can be reached by just Google searching it. Importantly, the site design has been divided uniquely to ensure every feature and tab is strategically located for easy access.

You will find all features, and they work effectively to deliver the desired results you seek. There are not many tabs that can be confusing to users who are not tech-savvy. All website features are functional and can be reached with the utmost convenience.

Unlike mediocre dating sites that have nagging and endless ads, the website has made a great effort to eliminate these advertisements. If there are any ads, they are faith-based and helpful. If you do not need them either, there is an option for stopping ads. Overall, the website is user-friendly and highly effective in matching members with suitable matches. Browsing a suitable partner is easy and straightforward.

Mobile Application

The website has average support for users with smartphones. Smartphones are a crucial platform people can use to seek website features and services. The site is on the course of releasing an app that is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

For now, users can use their mobile browsers to seek for the website goodies. Users who have smartphones can search for suitable matches and get all desktop features with convenience.

Your profile fits well on most smartphone screens, and it’s like you are using a PC. All major features that spice the whole site match process are easy to reach via phone. Even though smartphones can take time to load and provide a different experience currently, it’s a worthwhile option if you lack a PC. The phone accessibility to website features is suited for users on the go.

News about the creation of an app for the website is promising. An app makes it convenient for online dating enthusiasts to reach all site features and services at the comfort and convenience of a portable smart gadget.

Contact Information

Here is contact info for the CatholicMatch site.

  • Company: Catholic Match LLC
  • Address: PO Box 154 Zelienople, PA 16063 United States
  • Phone: 1-651-319-5310
  • E-mail: support@Catholicmatch.com
  • Conclusion

    In this CatholicMatch review, there have been provided all the relevant info regarding the website. The site is safe and ideal for people who are Catholics and desire to have serious commitments that could lead to marriage. If you come across any particular information omitted in this review, send us a message!

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