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BBWCupid Review: Comfortable Place for Big Beautiful Women to Meet a Soulmate

BBWCupid Review: Comfortable Place for Big Beautiful Women to Meet a Soulmate
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 120 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Detailed profiles
  • Precise matchmaking system
  • A great variety of free services
  • Protects its members from body shaming and bullying
  • A handy app downloadable on both iOS and Android devices
  • No video call
  • The app interface is a little outdated

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BBWCupid has two major advantages that attract its target audience year after year. First, it is one of the most comfortable places for big, beautiful women to meet their partners. And secondly, it is owned by Cupid Media, known for creating top-notch niche platforms. So, like other Cupid products, BBWCupid features a convenient interface and great functionality. Moreover, most of it is available out of charge.

This site positions itself as an elite matchmaking tool for BBWs and those who admire them. Also, it caters to women after a BHM, which stands for a big, handsome man. But are there any red flags indicating that it is a scum? Can one feel 100% safe on a platform like this? Can one find a match to be happy once and forever? Let’s see, shall we? In this review, we’ll answer all the questions you might have.

How does it work?

BBWCupid is initially a site for big, beautiful women and men who have a fancy for them. The major type of relationship found here is long-term, although many users are after short-term dating and friendship. Both parties’ interests must match. Otherwise, it can lead to misunderstandings and offense. Ladies with the purest hopes might get bombarded with irritating hookup offers, but they can report unwanted contacts in seconds and forget about them. Overall, the environment here is friendly, and the site has proven to be effective.

BBWCupid shares most of the functionality of the other Cupid platforms. The principles of its work, based on matchmaking algorithms, have helped create millions of couples worldwide. Since these principles meet the audience’s requirements, the company sees no point in reinventing the wheel. At the same time, they do add some new exciting features and improve their site’s interface regularly.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

On BBWCupid, you will become a part of a friendly community that stands against any type of body discrimination. People here are fun, and the site’s features all concentrated on a user’s needs. It may seem that there should be a red flag here. It can’t be easy to get included right away. The registration must be very tiresome and challenging. No, it’s not. Surprisingly, it won’t take you more than several minutes to sign up. Choose a male or a female icon to indicate your gender. The second icon will be automatically set to the opposite one. Enter your first name. Next, there are three dropping windows with your address: country, state/province, and city. Then, you are to submit your email address, and you are ready to go. Wanna finish this stage with even fewer clicks? Click the ‘Join with Facebook’ button.

Since most users want to find a serious, committed relationship here, it makes sense to reveal your character to the fullest. After all, Cupid’s matchmaking will work better if it has more information. That is why users are asked to complete a personality test right upon registration.

Choose a photo for your profile, but don’t expect it to be posted right away. Your photo will undergo a mandatory verification, and only then will it be visible to other users. It usually takes 24 hours, but in separate cases, it can draw out to two days. Some users try to find a way around the site’s regulations. They attempt to get in touch with both free and premium members without paying a thing. To do so, they include their direct contact information in a photo. But on BBWCupid, such a photo will never get approved. Neither will the one containing nudity or any inappropriate or offensive message.

Profile Interface

Each profile contains a member’s photo of good quality. Above, it has a status where a profile owner may express their mood, use a quote, or make a disclaimer, like, for example, ‘serious relationship only.’ Under the first name, you can see one’s age, location, relationship status, and member’s ID. Then, there is a brief description of a preferred partner to find: gender, age range, maximum distance, and the type of relationship they are after.

These details are quite enough to decide whether you like this person or not and if it can work out. But that is not all. Next, there goes the Overview section, which is extensive and leaves no questions unanswered as soon as it is filled out. This is a table of a user’s details compared to those of their prospective dates in the second column. Below the table, there’s another Member Overview, a brief paragraph letting users say everything they have left to say.

Profile Interface

Apparently, BBWCupid has the potential to offer some of the most detailed profiles out there. However, it all depends on a member’s desire to fill it out. While some might see the whole procedure as exciting, others will see it overwhelming. On the other hand, you will spend here a lot of time, so taking small steps in building a profile is also an option.


You start getting matches right after signing up. And while there are people who suit you, you will get notified.

Once you find someone you like, you can contact them via a simple text message or a chat. A chat message, also called an instant one, will be shown in a pop-up window on a user’s screen, which is a great way to attract some extra attention. You literally can contact anyone you like because the number of people to communicate with is unlimited. Don’t wait for a perfect partner to show up in your potential matches. Take chances, chat away, flirt, try to know more about different people. Eventually, you will come across the one you’re searching for.

The only trick with messaging is that free users can only write to premium ones or get messages from them. Instant chat is for premium users, too. Thus, two non-paying members can hardly fully communicate. But they can get in touch by sending an interest. You both may get so interested that one of you will upgrade.

Members structure and activities

We all know that a general dating website that offers hookups as an option has millions of users. But for a niche dating platform encouraging people to start a serious relationship, it is hard to gain a 100,000 audience. From this point of view, BBWCupid is very well-off. It can boast of more than 500,000 active members. Most of them come from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. However, there are plenty of members from other countries, too.

More than half of BBWCupid’s audience are ladies. A lot of these beauties are big, while others are much smaller. The latter come here to find themselves a Big Handsome Prince. As said, the overwhelming majority of users want to start a commitment rather than to get a casual one-night stand.

Members structure and activities

Users Age

BBWCupid male population is evenly represented in each age group. Among 50+ users, there are even more men than women. Most ladies here are between 18 and 35 years old.

Sexual preferences

BBWCupid absolutely has a lot to do with particular sexual preferences, namely body-type fetish. Some members also admire the idea of gaining weight or/and helping others to do so, being a part of the feedist culture. From this perspective, this site’s community is open and unbiased. Yet, it is strictly straight-oriented. So, if you are a chubby chaser who want a same-sex relationship, check other websites out there.

Race And Ethnicity

BBWCupid is not an ethnic dating site. That is why Ethnicity is not even featured in the basic search filters here. But you can choose a preferred option in Advanced search. Since this site is popular in multicultural countries, you will likely find people of whatever origin and background you like.

Religious Orientation

The users’ religion is far from being essential information on this site. It is not even shown in one’s personal details. Although, the site tags it Special Category Personal Data and asks one to fill it out. If it is a matter of importance for you, or you are just curious, find out about a user’s religious orientation in the Overview section on their profile. Moreover, you can indicate a partner belonging to what religion you prefer, and it will be seen in ‘She/He Is Looking For’ table of your Overview. But often, users leave both these fields empty.

Religious Orientation

BBWCupid dating website features

BBWCupid matchmaking and search are based on the questions users answer while they are completing their profile. These are very easy and don’t require you to weigh your reply a lot. For example, they are about your favorites, like books and movies, your physical appearance, hobbies, etc.

Additional information giving us more search filters to use is:

  • educational background
  • kids
  • drinking habits
  • views on smoking
  • religious orientation
  • body type

You can sort other members out by any of that and, if you want to chat right now, check out users who are currently online.

Safety & Security

Unfortunately, BBWs and BHMs still can get severely bullied in society, no matter how open-minded we strive to make it. That is why dedicated dating platforms must do their best to protect their users from indecent people of any kind. And abusers are among them, for sure. BBWCupid tolerates no body shaming whatsoever, and everyone showing disrespect can get reported to the moderator in a click of a mouse. If you come across such an individual, just press a Report Abuse button, and you won’t see them ever again.

Scammers and fake profiles are a bit of a universal problem for all dating websites, regardless of the niche that they cater to. To eliminate this hazard, BBWCupid uses photo verification. No photo can be posted on one’s page before the team double-checks it. So, don’t rush into chatting with someone who doesn’t have at least one photo. It may mean that their pictures are under review or that they don’t want to be checked at all. In this case, they are likely to be scammers.

BBWCupid Fraud Prevention Team, a department that makes this site unique, handles every case of questionable activity. Always on guard for your safety, they respond to arising issues in no time, making this environment even more comfortable for its members.

Is BBWCupid legit or scam service?

Being a part of such an influential media group, BBWCupid cares a lot about its reputation. There are no signs that this site intends to scam its users. More than that, they pay great attention to members’ protection, as we have mentioned above.

But as a user, you are responsible for your safety on this platform, too. BBWCupid provides all members with Security Tips that they should follow if they want to be 100% protected. Namely, they are focused on creating a strong password, concealing payment information from other users, and avoiding sending money to anyone who might ask for it.

Is BBWCupid legit or scam service?

Subscription types and price

Anyone can use BBWCupid without paying a penny, and we must admit, this would be quite comfortable. Other platforms make it almost impossible to stay without upgrading, but this is not the case with BBWCupid. However, you should buy a premium subscription to be 100% involved in what’s going on here. As compared to other dating sites, the BBWCupid prices are not high at all. So, the full site’s functionality is very affordable.

Free Membership

BBWCupid gives unmatched opportunities to its free users. Many features can be tried out for free. To start with, messaging is available as soon as you write to a member with a premium subscription. To draw their attention, send interest to them, which is also free. Besides, a free user can search for others, get matches, fave profiles of interesting people not to lose them, and see likes. Above all, there are no restrictions on viewing others’ photos.

Such an approach is unprecedented in many other dating platforms because it is possible to find your match without subscribing. But if you want to strengthen your chances, purchase a paid membership.

Free Membership

Paying members get a lot of benefits on this Cupid website, but the prices will surprise you. Besides using all the free membership features, premium users have access to an instant chat. They also have their profiles highlighted, and their messages can get translated into their language. And of course, they can message any BBWCupid user.

This platform offers two types of subscriptions: Gold and Platinum. The price difference between them is only a couple of bucks per month. If you choose to be a Gold member, you’ll pay $24.98 for a one-month plan. A three-month subscription will cost $49.99, and the 12-month one is $99.98.

Platinum members spend 29.98, 59.99, or 119.98 on the same durations. All the payments are performed with a credit card.

If you have already met your soulmate on BBWCupid and you got together, don’t forget to unsubscribe from the site. Otherwise, your premium membership will be renewed.

Website design and usability

BBWCupid has got plenty of information: about users, the company, dating, other Cupid websites, terms of use, and much more. But you will never get lost here. Everything is grouped together, categorized, and put in its right place. That is why using the platform is effortless.

The site’s design is appealing and simple. Yet, it has nothing provocative in it. The interface is not overloaded, being comprehensible even for a first-time visitor.

Website design and usability

Mobile application

It is hard to believe, but many dating websites still don’t have an app to offer. Alternatively, they might not have either an Android or iOS version or are stuffed with bugs and glitches. This is not about BBWCupid at all. Their app is very well-developed and never fails you on the go. The functionality is equal to the full version, and the prices don’t vary, which sometimes happens on other platforms. The only downside is the interface that reminds older versions of some popular social media apps.

BBWCupid mobile application is downloadable from AppStore and Google Play for free. All transactions for in-app purchases are protected, so using this app is as safe as using the site itself.

Contact information

company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd.

address: PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC, QLD 9726, Australia

phone: +61 7 5571 1181

e-mail: team@BBWCupid.com


BBWCupid is a fun place for Big Beautiful Women and Big Handsome Men to meet and mingle. Obviously, these people may have body type preferences of their own. So, the site welcomes everyone, under the only condition — all users have to respect one another. Zero abuse tolerance has to be a part of any dating platform. Unfortunately, moderators often forget about it. This site has made it a rule no one has the right to break.

As a matchmaking service, it does well too. All the features developed by Cupid Media make this experience light, untroublesome, and exciting. Moreover, its effectiveness is very high, and so many couples created here can vouch for that.

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